Help request letter

Writing a help request letter will ideally depend on what kind of help is needed. There are financial help request letters, formal help request letters and many more. A lot of them are written because of people frustrated with a company’s support line, but you need to know how to address a company or an individual in order to get a proper response from them.


Starting to Write


Address the person formally if it’s an individual and address the company and service they’re providing if it’s a company.


Let the recipient know that there’s frustration with the service or product so far and that something should be done about it.


List what you would like to be done to remedy the situation and any supporting evidence you have to show that something was not done in your favor (if applicable).

Sample Letters

Sample help request letter

Dear Martin,

I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me out with my roof and hire your own team but there are still some things that I would like to receive some help for. It’s become quite apparent that some of your crew didn’t exactly know what they were doing, as some of the shingles aren’t stapled on correctly, are barely hanging on and some of them aren’t even with the rest of the shingles.

I’m not a picky individual but this simply can’t look like this, as it looks disastrous from a street view. I would like someone to come over immediately to fix the situation as I have paid you for the service. You can come over if you like and view the roof for yourself if you want to see the severity of the situation. I’m asking from one friend to another, if you can help me out and have your team fix the roof (and hopefully with people who know what they’re doing).



Dear Customer Support,

Hello Premier Hosting Company, I’m having an issue with one of my websites, as you may notice, it appears it has been hacked. When I try to view the website, I am greeted by a warning from Google that my website contains malware and when I log into my website’s control panel, it does indeed appear I have been hacked somehow. I don’t know how this happened but I’m requesting urgent help.

The customer service I have been provided thus far has been nothing short of outstanding. I would love to continue using your service, but I would like something done about whatever has happened to my website, as it’s obviously not supposed to look like that and it certainly isn’t supposed to have viruses on it. Please help me out and advise me on what to do next.


Richie Colbin