Letter of Objection

A letter of objection is a letter that is usually written to object to a proposition. They are most common in areas like municipal planning and local government. For example, if a fast food restaurant submitted an application to amend a zoning by-law so they could build a drive through, citizens would be able to write a letter of objection stating their feelings about the issue.


In some countries a formal letter of objection can also be sent to the national income tax department disagreeing with their assessment. This is common in Canada with the CRA and Australia with the ATO.


Other common objection letters include those sent to a landlord contesting a notice of eviction, and to a trustee in a mortgage dispute, when somebody is contesting a foreclosure. This was most common during the 2001-2008 housing collapse.


Starting to Write


Simply objecting to something out of principal is not usually sufficient to affect action. It is therefore important to provide as much evidence as possible to back up your argument.


Be formal and polite. Writing and angry and emotional letter will work against you, particularly in legal matters, where all that is important are facts.

Sample Letters

Letter of Objection Planning Applicants Sample

Zoning Amendment #545353

I am writing to object to the above zoning amendment.


By allowing McDonalds to build a drive through window on their existing piece of property, the amount of noise that will be generated will be unbearable for area residents. Idling cars will sacrifice the air quality, and the surrounding area will be littered with McDonalds packaging.

Also, the proposed construction of this drive though window would take away business from local restaurants, who do not have the money to install dive through window in their restaurants.


Overall, I feel the amendment that would allow this to take place is not in the best interest of the citizens of Oakville, and I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision.



A Concerned Citizen

Letter of Objection to Tax Assessment Sample

To Canada Revenue Agency, Chief of Appeals,

In evaluating the assessment notice dated December 10, 2013, I object to the total sum of Income Tax due ($12,700).


According to the deductions I submitted, you have not factored in $2,000 in internet and computing expenses. While I understand that it is not correct to factor in family computers and internet bills, when other household members also browse the internet – the proper calculation is to include only the percentage of work related use – in my case I have a dedicated fibre broadband connection expressly for my work, and the equipment listed in the deductions, again is expressly for my home office use.


Please find enclosed bank statements detailing these expenses (Exhibit A), that in total add up to $2,000, and compare the statements enclosed in (Exhibit B) which are my regular family internet costs. You will then see that these costs are separate and the deductions listed in my return only factor in work related use.


Please take this in to consideration and update the assessment notice accordingly.



Dennis Painter

Letter of Objection to Eviction Sample

Notice of Objection

Dear Landlord,

I am writing to object to your recent 14 day notice of eviction from property address 7388 Tawny Willow Parade, Kenosee Lake, Vermont, 05116-9787.


You state two main reasons for the notice. These were:


1) Failure to pay rent in a timely manner.

2) Unapproved maintenance work to guttering.


While I admit that I have failed to pay rent on time on a handful of occasions, your records will show that this was quickly corrected in each occurrence. It is my understanding that rent is currently up to date. Though I have struggled, I have demonstrated good faith in paying you everything that is due, and I do not feel this is a sufficient reason for an eviction notice.


Secondly while it is technically true that you did not approve the property’s guttering to be replaced, I attempted to get the matter solved by leaving you two messages on the phone number provided in our contract. This agreement states that it is your responsibility to maintain the property, but water was constantly leaking down the front of the apartment and you did not respond to my messages.


Therefore it was you who first broke the agreement, and my unapproved maintenance cannot be considered grounds for eviction because it was necessary for the upkeep of the property. In fact I should be billing you the cost.


I understand that you are the landlord of several properties and perhaps do not have the time to address all tenants individually. Maybe you have overlooked the details in my case, so I respectfully request that you reconsider the notice.



Mr. Dylan Byrne

Letter of Objection to Wind Turbine Sample

Dear Council,

Regarding Planning Permission For Wind Turbines In Thunder Hills


I am writing to object to the proposed planning permission to erect 5 large wind turbines near the homes of Thunder Hills residents, to be used as emergency backup energy. This objection is based on several important factors that I hope the council will take in to consideration.


Firstly I would like to express that I am not opposed to wind power in principal, overall it seems to be a clean alternative to coal and a safer alternative to nuclear. In rural locations that are deemed at risk of power shortages it certainly makes sense, and I am personally not convinced by the “they look ugly” argument. However:


1) Proximity To Homes

I am alarmed by the close proximity the proposed turbines will be to the homes of residents (under one mile). There are acres and acres of fields and farmland nearby. While I can understand that this may disrupt a percentage of commercial gain, in that some land used for crops would have to be turned over to the turbine companies, I do not see how it would have a significant impact on the bottom line of the landowners. In fact I understand in other regions they have been duly compensated for giving up plots.


Us homeowners on the other hand will not be compensated, because the land directly alongside our homes is owned by the state.


We will however experience unbearable noise pollution. I have enclosed several stories from other states, of homeowners fleeing their properties to escape the constant whirring, and that is from turbines over one mile from their homes. Ours will be closer.


2) Reduction In Property Value

Data analyzed over the past 5 years demonstrates that wherever wind turbines are placed property value in the area decreases. People simply do not want to live near these things, and those hoping to move away can no longer sell their homes for what they are worth. This is unacceptable!



A grass roots committee of local residents has formed to campaign against the wind turbines and I have proudly joined them. We are prepared to do everything it takes to avert having them placed near our homes. Please take us in to consideration when making this decision. Hopefully the right one.



Devon Aldridge

Concerned Resident

Letter of Objection to Trustee Sample

To The Trustee,

I am writing to object to a Notice of Non-Judicial sale dated March 12, 2009, for the property listed above. There is absolutely no basis for the sale, and I suggest you send a copy of this letter to all parties involved, including the insurance carrier.


I am not in delinquency nor foreclosure. In fact according to my records the lender has been paid in full.  The lender has also failed to provide the details of any “holder” who lays claim to the mortgage note, which means they haven’t proven validity of the debt. Who are these people and what is their case?


It is my understanding that these “holders” are holders of certificates for pools of asset backed securities, and do not own or possess control of the mortgage, rather the lender sold them a financial security based on several outstanding mortgages.


Because of this it would be unfair to grant a sale without a judicial investigation in to who is the true holder.


I request that the note either be returned to me, verifying the holder, or a retraction of the sale be made immediately.


Mrs. Julia McKay