Letter of Administration

A letter of Administration is a legal document that gives the receiver the right to administer the estate of a deceased individual. By receiving this letter, the individual has control over all the assets and liabilities that were left by the deceased. It also gives them other specific legal powers that would have to be negotiated with the lawyer of the estate.


Starting to Write


It is important that the recipient is made fully aware of their rights and obligations, so reiterate them clearly.


Explain why the recipient is being granted these powers, whether the original executor of the will refused, there was nobody designated in the will to begin with, or no will written at all.


Make it clear that this is a legal requirement and if they have accepted the role, failure to fulfil the obligations can result in penalties under the law.

Sample Letters

Letter of Administration Sample

Jamie Lo
Batesville, AK

Dear Jamie,

We are writing to confirm that you have been granted administrative duties over the estate of your deceased mother, Janine Lo.

By accepting this obligation, you are responsible for dividing all the assets that Janine left when she unexpectedly passed. You are to follow the wishes she set out in her will, which has been attached to this letter. If you do not, you may be subject to various monetary penalties set forth by administrative law in the state of Arkansas.

Please respond to confirm that you will accept this obligation, or if you have any other questions.


Dade Law Group

Sample Letter of Administration

Dear Sara,

In lieu of your grandfather Mr. Barker’s refusal to carry out the duty of executor of your grandmother Harriett Barker’s will, we confirm that you are now granted administrative duties over the estate and assets.

Your acceptance creates a legal obligation, making you responsible for executing your grandmother’s wishes as set out in her will, including dividing all assets.

Failure to fulfill this obligation may be subjected to penalties under state law.

If you no longer wish to accept this responsibility please contact us immediately.

You will be free to carry out your administrative duties after we receive a final confirmation.
Yours Sincerely,
Dolby and Sons.