Letter of Clarification

Any letter written in order to confirm something, such as the details from a previous correspondence, or the code of conduct of the workplace, could fall under a “letter of clarification”.


Clarification letters are often used as written warnings to employees. For example a worker whose behaviour has been called in to question may be sent a letter to remind them of the rules and to notify them that if they continue acting in the same manner, they may be officially disciplined.


A different type of clarification letter is also used in business to further explain the goals and finer details of a large project. For example if a hospital issued a contract for renovation and construction, they may answer the questions of prospective bidders in a letter, going over details such as the type of materials required, or how many electrical sockets are needed. This is sometimes called a letter of tender clarification.


Similarly somebody offered a position with a new firm might write a letter of clarification to their future employer asking them to be more clear about what the role entails.


A letter of clarification can be sent to employees when they are close to “stepping over the line”. Their actions do not require a letter of reprimand or discipline yet, but a written notification that they are being watched closely. Since the letter is written, it holds more weight than a verbal warning, but since it is not officially a letter of discipline, it doesn’t hold any of the negative vibes of being reprimanded.

Sample Letters

Letter of Warning Clarification Sample

Wendy J. Bethea

3216 Lakewood Drive
Little Ferry, NJ 07643


Dear Wendy,

It has come to our attention that your attitude at work has been steadily declining over the last few weeks. Your coworkers have also started to notice your negative attitude towards your work and your clients.


We just want to notify you that you are getting extremely close to earning a reprimand from management. We highly suggest you change your behavior very shortly, or there may be negative effects for all involved.


It is important to note that this letter will not be placed in your file, nor will you be punished at this time. This is just a notification for your benefit.


Please change your attitude.



Amanda Blevins

HR Director

Letter of Clarification to Employer Sample

Dear Mr. Franklin,

I would like to thank you for offering me the position of supervising pharmacist for Allied Health, commencing June, 2013.


However before accepting this role, I would like further clarification about my day to day schedule. It is my understanding that there are three Allied pharmacies within Baltimore and that I will be in charge of all of them. In my previous position I would alternate between two pharmacies throughout the week, though I also understand that some companies prefer a daily visit to all on the itinerary.


Firstly I would like you to confirm which method your prefer.


Secondly I would like to receive additional information about the staff employed by Allied, such as their educational background and level of experience. As stated in our phone conversation I prefer to lay out a firm chain of command based on seniority and then promote or demote staff over time based on my own observations.


I am delighted to have been offered such a lucrative opportunity, and will make my decision promptly after these clarifications. I look forward to speaking to you soon.


Kind regards,

Michael, Cranberry

Letter of Tender Clarification for Construction Sample

Clarification Letter No.1

To All Active Bidders

For the construction and renovation of Bell South corporate headquarters.


Dear prospective contractors, below you will find responses to all questions submitted to us before March 08, 2013. For privacy reasons we have not revealed which firm asked which question. We hope that these clarifications are helpful to the bidding process. (Please note that unless stated otherwise, all previous terms and conditions still apply).


Question 1: Please clarify the number of toilet cubicles required on each floor.

Answer: We require at least four toilet cubicles on each floor, two for men and two for women.


Question 2: Please clarify whether “elevator installation” is a refurbishment or if you require a whole new system to be installed.

Answer: We require that the existing elevator system itself remain intact, but that the car be replaced with something modern.


Question 3: Please clarify the date of completion for external construction.

Answer:  We have no set date for the completion of external construction. This is at the discretion of the contractor. However the entire project must be completed by April, 2014.


All contractors must acknowledge receipt of this letter before proposals are accepted. Should you require any further clarification, we will issue a new letter next month.



Frank Addison

Managing Director