Letter of Discharge

A letter of discharge is a letter written when someone is released from an organization or an obligation. Originally intended for military use, letters of discharge are becoming more common in the business world. They are different from letters of termination, which are usually used when some kind of misconduct has taken place. A discharge can be a mutual agreement to part ways.


Letters of discharge are also common in the healthcare industry when a patient changes their physician. In this case some kind of disagreement may have occurred, but the discharge is usually mutual.


A mortgage company will also issue a letter of discharge when the borrower has fully paid off their debt, releasing them from the obligation.


Starting to Write


Before issuing a letter of discharge ensure all loose ends have been tied up between both parties, such as an employee returning company belongings.


State the final date of the relationship, whether that be the final day of work, the final date of a repayment etc.


Thank the recipient for their time and wish them all the best in the future.


Sign the letter to formally certify the discharge.

Sample Letters

Letter of Discharge from Employment Sample

Roberto A. Martinez

2778 Worthington Drive
Richardson, TX 75081


Dear Mr. Martinez,

You are receiving this letter to verify that, as per your request, you are being discharged from Salerno Cheese Inc.


Effective immediately, your term of employment at our Richardson, Texas plant has been terminated. Your last paycheck will be issued in two weeks, and your locker must be cleared out by the end of the day. You have until the end of the week to return your leased car and all other objects that are the property of Salerno Cheese. Before you leave tonight, you will be required to meet with a member of the human resources team to discuss your discharge and conduct an exit interview.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter, don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor.



The Management

Letter of Discharge from Medical Practice Sample

Dear Stafford Crenshaw,

We have previously discussed our doctor patient relationship and it’s fair to say that we are both not happy with each other’s conduct. As you have informed me on several occasions you are not happy with my diagnosis relating to your liver, though I stand by it and therefore am disappointed at your lack of cooperation in regard to medication and treatment.


I therefore see no reason for me to continue to act as your physician, and offer this letter of discharge so we can mutually part ways.


Should you agree, you will have 30 days thereafter to find another physician. I have attached lots of information to aid you in your search. In the meantime I will happily treat you for any emergency issues that should arise.


I’m sorry that we couldn’t find common ground and I wish you all the best in the future.


Yours truly,


Dr. Digby

Letter of Discharge Mortgage Sample

Dear Mrs. Manuel,

On behalf of Garner Lending, I am happy to arrange for the discharge of you mortgage, on property located at 5005 Amber Trail, Fishhawk, Pennsylvania, 15592-5583.


According to our records the full amount of $300,000 has been settled, as you made your final payment on March 04, 2011.


Please read and sign the following mortgage release:



The indebtedness secured by the mortgage described has been fully paid and satisfied, the undersigned owner and holder of the debt does hereby release and discharge the mortgage.


Mortgagee: Mrs. Tanya Manuel

Mortgager: Garner Lending

Date: 07/03/2001 – 03/04/2011

Address: 5005 Amber Trail, Fishhawk, Pennsylvania, 15592-5583

Sum: $300,000



Pace Barter

Vice President

Letter of Discharge from the Army Sample

This is to certify that Brandon S. McGuiness: 755869, Technical Sergeant, 112th Infantry, is hereby honorably discharged from the military service of the United States of America.


Date: 24 September, 1999



Robert H. Fuller