Letter of Protest

A letter of protest is written to express disproval or objection to something. Formally this type of letter is commonly sent to Government officials, and businesses and individuals involved in trademark disputes through the USPTO. Protest letters are also used within international trade when cargo has become damaged during shipping due to unforeseen weather, and those in charge of the vessel wish to protect themselves should the importer also target them in a dispute against the exporter.


Starting to Write


Use polite and formal language. Being angry or emotional will work against you in legal matters, and will only cloud the facts of the situation.


Provide any evidence or documentation to support your argument.

Sample Letters

Letter of Protest Sample

Dear Counselor Mathis,

I am writing this letter to protest the recent decision the city council made about raising the taxes on all non-recyclable water bottles manufactured within the township.


I truly think this is a bad idea. Water bottle production is one of the economic powerhouses in this region, and if we place a tax on it, water bottle manufacturing companies may decide to relocate, leaving many locals out of jobs.


Please reconsider your decision and the effects it will have on the local population.



A concerned citizen

Letter of Protest Trademark Sample

To the United States Patent and Trademark Office,

On behalf of my client MK Tech Enterprises, I hereby submit the following Letter of Protest regarding Trademark application #136721TDR, requested by Computer Corp USA. We allege that the proposed trademark is confusingly similar to Serial Number #232169ADF, held by  MK Tech Enterprises.


Specifically the use of the term “express cooling” in regard to a cooling system for  mobile devices, is almost identical  to my client’s trademark use of “express cooling” in regard to a cooling system used in laptops.


“Express” is not a descriptive term, and is well recognized within the computing industry as the high standard cooling provided by MK Tech Enterprises. Therefore we allege that this represents trademark infringement.


Respectfully submitted,

Counsel for MK Tech Enterprises,


Bob Burris


Letter of Protest Cargo Damage Sample

To the Port Authority,

My Vessel sailed from the port of mainland China, arriving at the Port of New York on June 09, 2012.


As fearing loss or damages to the vessel and cargoes owing to Apple Inc, during a particularly vicious storm during the voyage, I hereby note my protest against all losses and damages, and reserve my right to claim against parties concerned.


I hereby affirm that the report mentioned above is correct and true.


Yours truly,



Letter of Protest Shipping Sample

Dear Customer Services,

On October 05, 2011, I received an incorrect item from your online store. Despite my attempts to try and rectify this through the usual online channels, I am yet to receive a refund or the correct item, so have been forced to type this letter of protest.


As noted on my email receipt (find enclosed) I purchased a Kodak Z80 Handheld HD Camera at $55. However as I’ve documented with photo evidence, I received the cheaper Kodak I80 model.

I filled out the online form, but the only response I received was a proof of shipping receipt. As you can understand the problem is not that an item was shipped, but that it was the wrong item!


After further emails I was instructed to return the camera so it could be replaced. I did this by recorded delivery, but was then notified via email that there is quote “nothing wrong with the item; it is fully functional,” and that because I opened the package all they can do is return it to me.


I don’t quite know how I can spell this out any clearer, but this is simply not the item I ordered, and although I respect your policy of no refunds for opened items, I did not expect to be opening an item I hadn’t ordered.


As a result I am requesting either a full refund of both the original $55 and $15 worth of shipping fees, or the proper item be shipped to me within a reasonable amount of time. Failure to do so will force me to seek legal advice.



Frank McPeak