Letter of Achievement

A letter of achievement is a letter issued to someone to recognize one of their achievements. It is commonly used to recognize actions that have been taken above and beyond the normal responsibilities of an individual. For example, if an employee went above and beyond their duties to worked extra hard to accomplish a very important goal, they may be issued a letter of achievement for their efforts.


Starting to Write


State what the achievement relates to.


Explain how the recipient’s contribution was special and what set them apart from everybody else.


If this is a workplace related achievement, reiterate how important the achievement was for the business.


Thank the recipient and encourage them for future success.

Sample Letters

Letter of Achievement in Business Sample

Kristin R. Jones

4717 Jerry Toth Drive
North Pole, AK 99705
Dear Mrs. Jones,

You are receiving this letter to recognize your extraordinary achievement in relation to the Kloepffer project.

No other employee put as much hard work and dedication into this project than you did, and the results you achieved were a real boon for this company. Without you on this project, we highly doubt that it would have achieved the same results as it did. Through the feedback from our clients, it is highly evident that your contributions were the main reason this project succeeded.

We once again want to thank you for your extraordinary effort, and we hope that you continue putting in the hard work you have ever since you began working here.

Best Regards,

The Management

Letter of Achievement Employee Sample

Dear Mr. Patterson,

I am writing to personally recognize you for your outstanding achievement in regard to Tuesday’s charitable fun run. Without your tiresome effort in every aspect of organization and setting up on the day, we probably wouldn’t have had the event at all.

Whether it was your persistent writing to the local council until they agreed to allow the run, or your quick thinking to use tape when we ran out of crowd barriers – we couldn’t have raised the $11,000 without you. As well as helping the hospital, this has been a significant boost to our public image.

So once again, a big thanks from the whole team and we look forward to seeing you back in work on Monday.

Kind Regards,

Monty Black
Managing Director