Letter of Accomplishment

A letter of accomplishment is a letter that recognized a specific accomplishment made by somebody. This type of letter is used in business, in academics, and in everyday life. A letter of accomplishment is a great, formal way to show how much you appreciate the accomplishments the recipient has made.


Starting to Write


Letters of accomplishment that appreciate an employee or student are very valuable for the recipient and can often be used as a recommendation in job interviews or as part of a college application. Therefore sticking to relatively formal language is always helpful.


This also means you should clearly state the accomplishment and why it was earned. If it has an official name, use it rather than generalizing. For example: “Congratulations on winning the state championships”  instead of ” Congratulations on the recent win”.


If you are an employer, recognizing an employee’s accomplishments is a great way to motivate them to do more of the same.


Naming colleagues, members of the team or board, is a personal touch that can go a long way. For example: “Myself as senior partner, and Alex and Julie from office 4 would like to extend our congratulations,” rather than “On behalf of Park & Smith Accountants”. You can always do both in different parts of the letter.

Sample Letters

Letter of Accomplishment Sample

Helen J. Vazquez

312 Armory Road
Wilmington, NY 28403

Dear Helen,

Everyone at the New York Urban School Board wants to congratulate you on your recent acceptance to Harvard University.

No one in the history of our school board has ever been admitted into an Ivy League school. We have worked hard to get many students into very respectable schools, but you are the first student who has made it to the #1 ranked school in America.

You are obviously an intelligent student who has put in an extreme amount of hard work and has shown qualities we wish all our students possessed. Your dedication and perseverance has manifested itself into an acceptance into one of the best schools in America, and you should be proud of yourself.

We wish you all the best with your future education and hope you prosper as much in the future as you have in the past.


Everyone at the New York School Board

Letter of Accomplishment for Employee Sample

Dear George,

Park & Smith would like to recognize your outstanding work this year restructuring the MBU Haulage accounts in the face of great pressure. It was a daunting task when it arrived and you managed to break it down and get the work done with superb leadership skills, and time to spare.

Myself as senior partner, and Alex and Julie from office 4, are proud to announce that you have been awarded Accountant of the Year. Congratulations on your accomplishment, the award is well deserved.
Best Regards,

Eric Hammer
Senior Partner