Letter of Declaration

A letter of declaration is an explicit acknowledgment, statement or announcement about something, and has a broad usage throughout the business world, in legal matters and regular day to day correspondence.


For example in a child custody or CPS court case the parent in question would submit a “declaration of the facts”, which is a formal outline of their side of the story.


When contesting a traffic ticket you may decide to proceed with a “trial by written declaration”, in which you will send a letter to the court declaring your innocence and submitting any evidence  to support your case.


If you were to take part in a movie shoot, you may be asked to sign a letter of declaration, stating that you are aware of the risks involved and that you are solely responsible for any medical costs.


Immigration procedures often require a wide range of different declarations, depending on a visa applicant’s circumstances. Most common is the “Sponsorship declaration” where a legal citizen will formally acknowledge that they are to take in a visitor and accept certain conditions for doing so.


Also a manufacturer of supplier may write a letter of declaration, officially declaring the origin of the goods as required under certain trade laws.


Declaration letters are often legally binding, in that if obligations aren’t met or a statement is subsequently found to be untrue the letter may be used against the declarer. In that respect the letter may mirror that of a waiver.


Starting to Write


Legal declarations by definition need to be truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge. This means it is a good idea to back up any statements you make with documented evidence.


Be specific, as declarations are usually about facts. Do not cloud these in unneeded language. In many cases a declaration should look more like a form than a letter.


Sign the letter to make it legally binding.

Sample Letters

Letter of Declaration for Child Custody Sample

I, Naomi Sage, hereby issue a declaration of the facts, to put forth my side of the story and to support a motion to return my daughter to me.


On Saturday August 12, 2010, I dropped my daughter off at the school’s weekend girl’s soccer game where without my knowledge she was taken from the changing room and interviewed by CPS. She was detained for several hours and it took considerable effort to get school staff to inform me where she was.


I was finally told by Vice Principal Haley Feifer, that CPS took my child because a school staff member claimed to be concerned by several instances of bruising on her arms and legs, which she was apparently reluctant to talk about, but said she didn’t know how they occurred.


I haven’t been in contact with my daughter now for 4 weeks and was informed by CPS that they believe I am a danger to her. I do not know what evidence they claim to have to support this notion, and wish to request a full trial for this to be explored.


My daughter is a shy girl by nature and is reluctant to talk to teachers regardless of the topic. I believe that the teacher in question took this shyness for something that it wasn’t. My daughter said she doesn’t know how the bruises occurred, and neither do I. I cannot see how this constitutes any kind of evidence against me. Despite the shyness she is an avid player of sports, which could quite reasonably explain any bruising.


I therefore request a full court order for the return of my child.


I declare under penalty and perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Mrs. Naomi Sage, signed.

Letter of Declaration for Traffic Ticket Sample

To whom it may concern,

In regard to Citation Number: 06789475, and Vehicle Code 12, Section 4(a)

Court Date: September 23, 2012




I am writing to contest a traffic ticket received for speeding on a Texas Freeway on the aforementioned date. Officers who pulled me over allege that I was driving at 75 MPH in a 65 MPH limit.


Ordinarily I would never break the speed limit, however in this case I felt if I didn’t do so my life and other motorist’s lives would have been in danger. In this long stretch of straight freeway I was sandwiched between several other vehicles, including two large trucks behind and several cars ahead.


Vehicle Code 22400 states that motorists shouldn’t “drive upon a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.”


I believe that the vehicles behind me were travelling above the speed limit and therefore forced me to do the same. Slowing down on such a busy day could have quite possibly caused a pile-up.


Despite the fact that I could have been going no faster than the cars ahead nor any slower the vehicles behind, officers decided to flag down the whole line, and pick me out of the bunch to charge with speeding.


Evidence of this should be included on police dash-cam.


In light of this I respectfully request that the speeding ticket be thrown out.


I declare under penalty and perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.



Mr. Benedict Earth

Letter of Declaration for Immigration Sample

I, Mr. Parkin, hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that if Garrett Bennett is granted a temporary visitor Visa to the United States, I will be a responsible sponsor, and provide accommodation and financial assistance if necessary, for the designated time period.


I also declare that if Mr. Bennett should need any medical treatment or state provided service, such as a burial or cremation, I will bear all related financial costs.


I understand that this is a legal obligation and failure to fulfil my duty could result in penalties under state law.



Mr. Rayland Parkin

Letter of Declaration as Supplier Sample

Dear Sir,

I hereby declare that the products stated below are produced in Singapore under the specified criteria required for a Certificate of Origin.


Product Description:

600 Plastic Digital Radios.


I further declare that we are the supplier of the product, not the original manufacturer.


Find Invoice Number: #675493IO, dated: 12/03/2009, enclosed.


I further declare that the information provided in this letter is true.


Yours faithfully,


Radio Stop

Letter of Declaration for Filming Sample

Moonlight Rising

I,  Sean  A.  Mcmurtry, hereby declare that I am aware of all the potential hazards of filming the movie “Moonlight Rising”. I am aware that I may be put in certain dangerous situations, and that the director, the producers, or the movie company are not responsible for my safety and/or any healthcare related costs I may incur.


I declare that I am solely responsible for my own actions, and that if any of the above happens, I will not pursue any legal action against said personalities.


Sean A. Mcmurtry