Letter of Approval

There are two distinct types of approval letter that can be written. The first simply involves the granting of approval for something, though what that may be can vary greatly. For example an employer may approve an employee’s leave of absence, or a local authority may approve a construction project on local land.

The second type of approval letter is written by an individual or organization to seek approval for something. For example a teacher may send a letter of approval to a local business asking for approval to bring in a large amount of students for a field trip. Also somebody completing a dissertation may seek permission to use excerpts from a published book and would send a letter of approval to the publisher.

In each scenario it is important to clearly explain what is being sought, what is being approved, and the terms of doing so. For example an employer may grant an employee time off work, but with a reduction in pay.

Sample Letters

Letter of Approval for Absence Sample

Mabel S. Ash

3217 Grove Street
Huntington, NY 11743
Dear Mabel

I am proud to let you know that the 30 day leave of absence that you previously requested has been approved.

Starting on July 1st, 2009, you will be able to take 30 consecutive days off, while still collecting 25% of your pay. Before you leave, you will be required to train an intern to complete your job for the duration of 3 days. Upon the completion of your 30-day absence, you will return to work in your normal capacity. Your full salary will resume the day you return to work.

Everyone here at Evergreen Corporation wishes you the best of luck while you participate in a humanitarian mission to Cuba, and we eagerly await your return!

John Treliving
Evergreen Corporation

Letter of Approval for Work Project Sample

Dear Mr. Arnold,

We would like to thank you for your homeless shelter project proposal. After a careful analysis, we have decided to grant you permission to begin work, effective December 03, 2013.

Prior to starting interior renovation of the building, please arrange a meeting at Council headquarters by November 25, so we can go over some specifics with you. You can contact us on 303-555-0192 during working hours to do so.

We believe that this is a valuable charitable endeavor that will significantly improve the associated problems of vagrancy along the lower east side. Thanks again for the proposal and we looking forward to working with you.


Chris M. Coleman
Department of Business

Letter of Approval for Industrial Visit Sample

Dear Sir,


I am seeking approval for Sunnyville elementary students to take part in an industrial visit to your factory of March 18, 2013. As you may be aware students from our school have made regular field trips to the factory over the past 10 years, and teachers and parents agree that witnessing manufacturing up close is a valuable experience for the children.

We hope that once again you can provide a tour of the various facilities to a class of around 30. Myself and two other colleagues will also be present to manage the children and help with discussions.

We are thankful for your continued support and look forward to another successful day.


Best regards.

Mrs. Fletcher
Sunnyville Elementary

Letter of Approval for Thesis Sample

Dear PCV Press,

I am writing to request approval to use excerpts from one of your books in my Master’s Thesis at Lexington University in Kentucky. The thesis explores untreated concussions in sports, and the book “Punch Drunk” by William Fisher, PCV Press, 1985, has several particularly useful passages. These are found on pages 11, 34 and 302.

I am seeking approval for quotes from these pages to be used in all revisions of my dissertation (expected for completion by July, 2013), and the potential future display of this work in the University’s library.

If you find this request acceptable use of your publication, please sign this letter and return it in the envelope provided.

I greatly appreciate your time.


Yours truly,
Molly Henderson



signed / dated/

PCV Press

Letter of Approval for Tenant

Perkins Condo Association pursuant to the provision of the described Declaration’s By-Laws of Washington, has approved Mr R. J. Ross to rent condo 362, at the Perkins Luxury Condominium complex.


Approval is granted by:

Mr. Hemmingway
Officer of the Board

Signed / Date


Signature of Tenant / Date

Letter of Approval for Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your child has been selected at random to take part in the Happy Bees mentoring program at Titan Elementary. The program pairs them with a fully vetted adult mentor who has volunteered to tutor them on subjects your child’s teachers have chosen, and to offer friendship and encouragement throughout the school day to build the child’s confidence.

In must be stressed that your child has not been singled out as needing any kind of special ed or extra help, however we believe they will benefit greatly from the one to one experience, and will allow us to evaluate the program’s strengths and weaknesses. As they go through the program, their teachers will chart any rises in academic performance above their current average. This data will be collected to evaluate the program internally and will not be made public.

The program may well become available to everyone in the future, and your child’s participation is fundamental in determining this.
If you think this is something that may benefit your child and the education provided at Titan Elementary, please consider granting your approval in the form below, and a program manager will be in touch in the coming days. You can withdraw your consent at any time if you change your mind.

Thank you for your consideration. We hope Happy Bees will be of great benefit to all involved.


Mr. Roger Purdy
School Principal