Letter of Direction

Broadly speaking a letter of direction is any letter that gives instruction and guidance to a recipient. More formally it is used as a warning letter within the workplace giving the offender instructions of how to proceed. For example an employer may direct a rule breaker to attend regular meetings with the boss at the end of the work day.


You may also write a letter of direction to your bank branch authorizing and instructing them to carry out a transfer. In the age of the internet this is now often an automated process, though letters may still be sent for more complex situations.


Letters of direction are also common in situations when somebody has passed away, and the executor requires documentation to prove they are in control of the deceased’s estate. Other examples include giving a financial broker power of attorney over an investment account, or assigning the rights of one party to another in a business relationship.


Starting to Write


It is important to be specific in your directions to prevent confusion.


If related to disciplinary actions, make sure to reiterate any repercussions if negative behavior continues.


A letter of direction can often carry legal obligations, so signing it gives added weight.

Sample Letters

Letter of Direction Sample

Ralph L. Greenwood

1785 Franklin Avenue
Corpus Christi, TX 78412


Dear Ralph,

I hereby transfer the right of power to trade over trading account #456343 at Prudential Financial to James Cricker, beginning on December 4th, 2009 and commencing December 4th, 2010.


With this agreement, James Cricker is permitted to trade up to $100,000 of the contents of account #456343 on the open market. He is not permitted to make any drawings, or take any management fees until he turns a profit of at least 5% on the whole amount.


If James Cricker violates these terms, he will be subject to the penalties negotiated in contract #456454, his personal services contract.



Bill Ranfrick

Letter of Direction to Employee Sample

Dear Mrs. Heckman,

I am writing to give you further direction following the recent disciplinary hearing regarding your constant failure to wear the required protective clothing on the factory floor. You are instructed to adhere to the following directives every day. Failure to do so may result in suspension without pay or termination from employment:


– Report to work at 8:30am every morning (30 minutes earlier than usual) and report to your line manager.


– Apply your protective clothing prior to the 9:15am clock in time, and follow the code of conduct outlined in your contract.


– Report to your line manager at 6pm for assessment before dismissal.


If you should have any concerns with these measures you can contact me directly on  (218) 404-5082.



Wally Spier

Supervising Manager

Letter of Direction to Teacher Sample

Dear Mr. Trumbull,

It has come to our attention that on December 02, 2011, you broke school policy by leaving five special needs children in the custody of an unqualified teaching assistant: Mrs Dory Carter. You did so despite her objection, showing a complete disregard for the integrity of our school and staff.


Please take this letter of direction as an official written warning. We understand that this may have been a momentary lapse in judgement, so we are prepared to spare you reprimand so long as you adhere to the following directives.


– If you ever need to leave a class of special education students please telephone reception and wait for a qualified member of staff to arrive.


– Submit a calendar to the head of department immediately, containing a list of all special education classes you have been assigned to, and expect an inspection at some point in the future to monitor your conduct during one of these classes.


You have the right to submit a response to this letter within a reasonable amount of time if you contest anything stated or require further clarification on what we expect from you.



Grand Vale High School Board

Letter of Direction to Bank Account Sample

TO: East Coast Bank

SAVINGS ACCOUNT: 20678563 33-55-99

FROM: Mr. Otto Fanning

Regarding Transfer Request:


You are herby authorized and instructed to transfer the sum of $20,000 from the account noted above to Mrs. K. Sapers.


Account Number: 847563229776

Bank: Rothschild United Banking


I appreciated your assistance with this request.




Otto Fanning