Letter of Lateness

A letter of lateness may refer to a warning sent to somebody for being late to work, school or a similar situation. It may also be sent in regard to an item, award or status not being delivered or issued in the expected time frame.


Letters of lateness are very common in the US military when paperwork is late, or medals and awards are delayed. They take the form of memos and contain only a few sentences explaining the situation in question.

Sample Letters

Letter of Lateness to Work Sample

If an employee has been arriving 30 minutes late to work for the past week, a letter of lateness will be issued, stating the specific issues, possible consequences, and any other pertinent information. For example:


Dear Angel,

We are sending this letter to let you know we are aware of your growing habit of being late for work. On more than one occasion this week, you have been at least 30 minutes late for work.


Below are a few specific instances we have recorded:


1)  July 13th, 2009 – 24 minutes late at start of day; No explanation

2)  July 14th, 2009 – 9 minutes late after lunch break; No explanation

3)  July 17th, 2009 – 15 minutes late at start of day; No explanation


We want you to be aware that we take punctuality very seriously at Kroeger Bottling, and we want you to start coming to work onetime.


If this activity continues in the future, you may be subject to additional penalties which may include loss of wages or a suspension.



The Management

Letter of Lateness Army Sample

RE: Unqualified Resignation

Letter of Lateness


This letter of lateness is being submitted in regard to the recent request for unqualified resignation by PFC Martin Davidson. An unforeseen clerical error prevented the request being made within the appropriate timeframe, though Davidson meets all other criteria.


James M. Vaughan



Letter of Lateness For Award Sample

TO: Commander, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division

RE: Letter of Lateness


Due to the 2013 administrative restructuring of the unit and the subsequent award changes, my recommendation that SGT Jonathon Boardman by considered for the Bronze Star Medal, is late. However as documented, the recommendation was signed in February before the cut-off point.


I feel SGT Boardman thoroughly deserves this award, and I hope the late submission does not have any bearing on approval for the medal.



Dante Spence