Letter of Hire

A letter of hire, which is very similar to a letter of job offer, is a letter sent to someone who an employer wishes to hire. More often than not, the candidate has submitted a job application and gone through the interview process, but on rare occasions, a letter of hire can be sent to someone without those preconditions.


Starting to Write


Start by addressing the candidate and offering them the position. Never assume they will accept.


Give a brief explanation about why they were selected over other candidates.


Thank them for their time and interest, and prompt them to respond.

Sample Letters

Letter of Hire Sample

Re: Application for Employment


Dear Mr. Plumber,

Congratulations, this letter is to certify that I have examined your application and believe you to be perfect for the temporary caretaker position. You have far more experience than all other candidates.


I can confirm that we are happy to grant you employment upon completion of a background check, expected within the next 5 working days.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your services. I await you acceptance.



Roger Schmit

Thumbs Up Children’s Nursery

Letter of Hire Sample 2

Elizabeth R. Chittenden

3816 Benson Street
Green Bay, WI 54303


Dear Ms. Chittenden,

We at Martin Marine are pleased to announce that you have been offered the position of chief financial officer!


After reading your application and getting to know you during your interview, we have determined that you would be the best candidate to fill this job! We love how organized you are and your educational background is impeccable.


All the terms of your employment are negotiable. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us using the attached contact sheet so we can start working out the details of your employment term. We want to get started on this as soon as possible so we can have everything done before the Christmas break.


We look forward to hearing from you and hope you decide to accept the position we are offering you.



Jerry  Y.  Martin