Letter of Protection

A letter of protection is a document that is usually sent by a lawyer on a client’s behalf to a doctor or another medical professional. It basically states that the patient does not have adequate funding at the current time, but they are involved in a court case where the proceeds of the case will be used to satisfy the medical bill. The purpose of this letter is to offer the doctor some relief that the money he is owed will soon be paid in full. It also allows the doctor to stop bothering the patient for the outstanding payment.


Starting to Write


A letter of protection is a brief legal notice, and should include a few paragraphs confirming that payment will be made after a settlement.


Note the client’s name, the procedure they’re paying for, and any dates if applicable.

Sample Letters

Letter of Protection Medical Bills Sample

Leo M. Marano

44 Eden Drive
Richmond, VA 23227


Dear Dr Marano.

The purpose of this letter is to verify that we, Dash Law Firm, have taken on one of your recent clients injury claim cases. Wanda Gandry can to us after she was in a car accident and wanted compensation for the other driver’s negligence. We have decided to take on her case, and are confident we will get a cash settlement very soon.


You can be assured that when we do receive the cash settlement, any outstanding debts Wanda has with you, specifically file #734232, will be paid in full.


We thank you for your cooperation!



John Garldan

Dash Law Firm

Letter of Protection Florida Sample

RE: Medical Costs for Mr. Jones Road Accident

Dear Healthcare Circle,

This letter is to notify you that our client Mr. Perry Jones has advised us that he will pay for his medical bills associated with the road accident in Orlando Florida, out of his settlement proceeds.


As billed, this includes an x-ray and elbow surgery, and comes to no more than $3,000. This will paid on or before September 07, 2013.


If you have any queries about this arrangement, please contact me at my office on (316) 382-3920.



Ivan Hurst Lawyer

Mason’s Law Group Florida

Letter of Protection Texas Sample

Letter of Protection Confirming Payment of Medical Expenses

Dear United Care,

On behalf of my client Emilio Shultz, I can confirm that he will be paying his outstanding medical bill of $9,000 once the settlement for his hit and run case in Amarillo, Texas concludes on June 04, 2011. You will receive full payment on or before this date.


This payment includes back surgery and associated treatments.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me on: (620) 552-7799


Paul McCloud

McCloud & Crowder Attorneys at Law

4099 Stony Villas, Paintlick, Georgia, 39892-1402