Letter of Volatility

A letter of volatility is issued by the manufacturer of electronic devices and computer equipment, citing some of the technical specifications of the onboard memory. This can be used by customers to comply with security requirements and to guide them in handling the devices. The customer will usually be another manufacturer, repairer or company using lots of technical machinery and computers, though an individual may also request a letter for their own purposes.


The main function of the letter of volatility is to outline the volatile and non-volatile nature of the memory on the device. In other words, whether memory can store data when the device is powered off (non-volatile) or not (volatile). Somebody may wish to know this for data security, especially if the data is highly sensitive, such as that on Government computer networks.


Some companies like Cisco refuse to issue letters of volatility so they cannot be held liable for data losses or privacy breaches.


Starting to Write


List all the hardware in a table, or in such a way that it is easy to read.


Next to each piece of hardware note whether the memory is volatile or non-volatile.


Confirm what this means to reassure the recipient.


If the letter was specifically requested, thank the recipient for their custom.

Sample Letters

Letter of Volatility Sample

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for requesting a letter of volatility for the device you purchased. We take security very seriously, and are glad to share the volatility information of our products with you! Please note that the following information may be requested in a standard letter of volatility format by calling our head office at 342-123-988.


The Pegasus Z34223 contains the following memory devices:


3 post usb hub controller – nonvolatile – user information

2GB static ram – volatile – user information

Processor – volatile – user information

EEPROM – nonvolatile – system information

Further information in regards to this product is available upon request.

Pegasus Corp

Letter of volatility HP Sample

Dear Mr. Walker,

I can confirm that the memory on the series of HP Deskpro laptops you enquired about are volatile, meaning power has to be maintained for any data to be stored. Within seconds of powering down these systems, all data within the memory will cease and there is no way of recovering it.


Storage Type:

HP-Compaq Deskpro EN 6600

DIMM 168-pin







I therefore advise that removing the memory and carefully disposing of it, cannot result in any data breach concerns.


We thank you for your interest in HP products,


Lionel Johnson

HP, Tech Support

Letter of volatility IBM Sample

Dear Vernon Enterprises,

Please find listed below memory volatility details for the IBM Bismac 7000 Tape Drive, Version 2, Flash Memory:


Memory Size: 8mb

Memory Type: Flash

Volatility: Non Volatile

User Data: No


If you require further specifications, please do not hesitate to get back in touch. Thank you for choosing IBM.



Edward Morris

IBM America

Letter of volatility Hewlett Packard Sample



We can confirm that Model Number: HP CLK 4450n, contains volatile memory, which loses data when the device is powered off.


Memory Type: SDRAM DDR

Size: 256mb

Function: Printing


How To Clear Memory:

Turn device off by switch, or by pulling the power cord from its supply.


We also confirm that the device contains non-volatile memory, that stores data when power is removed.


Memory Type: Compact Flash

Size: 32mb

Function: Printer Firmware


How To Clear Memory:

Uninstall printer software and carry out a factory reset as explained in the user manual.

Netgear Letter of Volatility Sample

Below is a list of memory types for the Netgear 7500 Removable Storage Disk and their volatility. Please be assured that even when memory is non-volatile, no personal recognizable user data is stored. Furthermore this is hidden and write-protected to secure the bios and config.


7500 Duo: Non-Volatile

7500 NV 6: Volatile

7500 NVX: Non-Volatile

7500 Ultra 9: Non-Volatile

7500 V2: Volatile