Letter of Purpose

A letter of purpose can be applied to many scenarios, and is used to explain the reasoning behind the sender’s intentions. This could be the reason they are seeking employment with a company, admission to study a PHD at Graduate School, or just to state their intentions in any other situation. A letter of purpose can be written by anybody, and can serve a wide variety of uses.


Starting to Write


Before writing your letter, research what the recipient is interested in knowing. For example you may have many reasons why you’re applying to study in New York – you have family there, you like the sports teams – but that won’t sell yourself to a university psychology department.


Most recipients of formal letters of purpose (visa offices, scientists, admissions offices) receive many applications, so it is important to be concise. They are not necessarily interested in your life story, only what your life experiences can do for them.


If lots of technical information and references are needed in your situations, use the letter of purpose as a cover or introduction, and enclose all the other documents as supporting evidence.


Be polite and grateful for the opportunity, thanking the recipient for their consideration.

Sample Letters

Letter of Purpose Sample

June R. Murray

2642 Richland Avenue
Kemah, NJ 77565


Dear Mrs. Murray,

I am writing this letter to reaffirm my intentions of enrolling in the University of Northern New Jersey on the fall of 2009. I have attached my completed application, along with the required documents, to this letter.


I strongly believe that I would be an optimal candidate for a position at the University of Northern New Jersey. I have prospered in my high school studies, and continue to take an interest in higher levels of academia. I have volunteered in my community and have shown what an upstanding citizen I am.


I hope you make the right decision ion admitting me into the incoming class for the fall 2009 session at the University of Northern New Jersey.


Thank you for your time!


Jamie Langden

Letter of Purpose for Visa Sample

To The Visa Consular,

Re: Letter of Purpose for Student Visa Application


I am writing to apply for a student visa to study in the United States. I have already been accepted in to the UCLA School of Dentistry. Enclosed you will find a letter of sponsorship from my father pledging to fund the full cost of my education, and financial statements for assurance. Also enclosed is my educational background and employment CV.


I have had a fascination with dentistry from a young age, as my grandfather ran a practice in Northern India and allowed me to peruse his textbooks and journals. However I am not content  with simply following in his footsteps, as I have a yearning to be at the cutting edge of modern technology and methods. I feel that this can only be accomplished in the United States, and I am honored that this opportunity to study at UCLA has presented itself.


If a visa is granted I feel that I have an obligation to both my home country and the US. Thus my plan after graduation is to offer my services within America for at least 10 years, before embarking on the bold task of improving standards in India. I have contacts through my grandfather to ensure that the valuable knowledge I learn can benefit vast numbers of people.


I hope that you find this an acceptable purpose to pursue a student visa, and I thank you for your time.


Yours Sincerely

Sanjay Jeet Patel

Letter of Purpose Graduate School Sample

I am passionate and excited about the possibility of pursuing PHD at Bartholomew and would like to share with you some of the reasons why I think I would make a great researcher at your lab.


I studied my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering at Staunton University in Wyoming and gained fundamental experience in academic research during an internship with the Biohacking Trust. I was immediately exposed to some of the greatest minds in the field, while honing my skills at accomplishing research objectives as part of a team.


I am increasingly fascinated by the ever evolving concept of artificially engineering the human body to improve what biology gave us. Not just within healthcare (i.e. fixing the broken leg) but making the fully functional leg faster, stronger and more efficient.


I believe the ethical, spiritual and scientific questions that arise out of this growing science, will be the main questions of my adult lifetime, and I want to be part of that debate by providing the data and facts humanity needs to make an educated decision.


To that end it would be a honor to complete a PHD with you.


I look forward to your reply.


All the best,

Barton Taylor