Letter of Attendance

A letter of attendance has two main functions, either to request one by allowed to attend a specific event or institution, or to confirm that attendance has already taken place.

For example, if someone wanted to attend a function, they would write a letter of attendance politely stating so, and why they are eligible.

On the other hand a university may send a letter of attendance to a former graduate confirming the time period that they were admitted by the institution. This letter may then be used in applications for jobs or other educational programs as proof that they studied there.

It is also common practice at larger funerals to complete a letter of attendance stating who you are and the relationship to the deceased.

A letter of attendance can be written by someone who wishes to request or confirm attendance to a specific event. For example, if someone wanted to attend a special conference, they would write a letter of attendance stating that they would indeed like to attend.

Sample Letters

Letter of Attendance to Conference Sample

Kathy A. Stovall

3575 Brooklyn Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980


Dear Mrs. Stovall,

I have recently become aware of the Future Sales Stars conference you will be organizing on November 4th, 2009. The reason I am writing this letter is that I would like to attend this special event!


I am an up and coming salesperson, and I really feel that my attendance to this event would help me progress and reach my sales related goals! I have learned almost everything there is to know from books and videos, but I think attending this conference would send me to the next level!


Please consider my request to attend your event. There is nothing else that would help me in my career more than a seat at the Future Sales Stars conference.



Amanda  D.  Hartwell

Letter of Attendance to University Sample

This letter is to confirm that Mr. Palmer Walt studied his Thesis on “How Video Games can be used to Encourage Positive Health Choices”, between September 16, 2009, and July 20, 2013.  


Mr. Walt was located in the department of Social Sciences, on a full time mode of attendance.


Our records confirm that he fully completed each term and obtained a first at undergraduate level, before later passing his PHD.



University of Mobile Registrar

Letter of Attendance for Funeral Sample

To Whom It May Concern:

I do hereby certify that I Mrs. Mary Peacock, attended the funeral service of Jack Hendry, (Relationship: Childhood Friend), which took place on 15/07/2008, at 11am.


Respectfully submitted