Letter of Presentation

A letter of presentation can be any letter where you share information or and idea to another party. Commonly it is used in business as a marketing letter to other businesses or clients, explaining what you have to offer or introducing them to your product(s) or services.


One form of letter of presentation is a letter that you send to a potential employer to demonstrate your desire to gain employment within their organization. It is usually the first letter your potential employer will read, so it is extremely important to sell yourself to them, explicitly stating why you would like to work for them and what benefits you could bring to their organization.


Starting to Write


Letters of presentation are mostly unsolicited so it is important to jump right in with your selling point.


Keep it short and snappy, the recipient is unlikely to read anything long winded.


Stay targeted. Send your letter only to people you know could potentially benefit from your business, idea etc, and pitch directly to them.


Don’t forget to leave plenty of contact information for follow-up.

Sample Letters

Letter of Presentation to a Company Sample

General Accountants of Cambridge

Kimberly J. Adamo

2705 Dane Street
Cambridge, MA 02141


Dear Mrs. Adamo,

I wish to offer my services to you in the form of an account executive, starting immediately.


I have 5 years experience in this field being an account executive for 3 different companies, all leaders in their field. While participating in those positions, I grew the level of sales that our team achieved every year, and I am sure I can do the same thing for you.


I have attached my resume and references to give more background on who I am and what qualifications I have.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jane Clever

Letter of Presentation of a Business Sample

Dear Milton Offices Managers,

Is your company’s internet connection and network fast enough? MK Internet Solutions is the premiere fibre internet provider to small businesses.


We have the fastest speed in the industry and never throttle bandwidth at peak times. We tailor our service specifically to businesses like yours, so much so that our broadband is not even available to the general public.


Our 24/7 American based customer service provides you with up to 3 free service call outs a year, so if you’re ever having technical problems we can help solve the problem.


Fastest speeds in the industry, amazing support, and did we mention free setup – including networks of hundreds of computers?


Our standard packages is just $50 per month, but we would love to discuss the needs of Milton Offices further, tailoring a package just for you.


Give us a call on (228) 235-3417, or drop us an email at info@mkinternetsolutions.com


Have a great day!


Harry Rookes

MK New York

Letter of Presentation of a Product Sample

Dear Garden Force,

As former gardeners ourselves we understand that speed and efficiency is important if you are to finish multiple gardens per day, that’s why we invented the Transform Mower!


This state of the art device first operates as a sturdy petrol lawn mower, but with a folding of the handle and a press of the button it contracts in to a strimmer.


No more walking back to the van, no more time wasted setting up, just one clean simple job.


Want to give it a try? Our team will drive out to one of your jobs and give you a live demonstration!


We can’t wait to hear from you,



(620) 301-9746