Letter of Accommodation

A letter of accommodation can refer to the letter written by a person with a disability requesting reasonable accommodation and support for their situation, or the letter written by a property owner confirming that a Visa applicant has verifiable accommodation upon their arrival in the country.

In the first scenario a parent may write a letter on behalf of their child to a school to accommodate for a leg injury for example. In this case it is important to give a clear description of the disability and be open to provide doctor’s notes for clarification. Also though it is often you or your child’s right to have support for a disability, it is good manners to treat the procedure as a request, not a demand.

In the second scenario a visa applicant’s relative may write a letter confirming that they can stay in their home when visiting the United States. (US law states that anybody coming to stay in the country needs to have a fixed address). In this case it is important to confirm the visitor’s full name, country of nationality and passport number.

Someone in a wheelchair may write a letter of accommodation asking if they could be situated in an office that has a wheelchair ramp and adequate wheelchair facilities. It is usually in the best interest of the office manager to comply with these wishes, as it creates a productive workplace with happy workers.

Sample Letters

Letter of Accommodation for Workplace Sample

Capital Enterprises

Wendy T. Herrera
745 Old Dear Lane
Red Hook, NY 12571

Dear Mrs. Herrera,

My name is Dave Green. I have been working for Capital Enterprises for the past 5 years.

I have recently been confined to a wheelchair. Therefore, I wish to request a few accommodations so that I may continue working at a high level of productivity. I have been working very hard for Capital Enterprises and I think my requests are reasonable.

1) I wish to be moved to office building 3, which is fully wheelchair equipped.

2) I wish to obtain a wheelchair parking permit, so I will have an easier time getting from the parking lot to my office.

I thank you for considering the above requests and I hope to hear from you shortly!



Letter of Accommodation for Workplace Sample 2

Dear Mr. Foley,

In some unfortunate news I must inform you that I have developed nerve damage and calcification in my shoulder. Therefore I would like to request some extra support on the shop floor, so that I can continue providing a quality service to customers.

Too much time on the tills causes pain, so I suggest either a short added break every hour, or I will be happy to trade time with one of the junior assistants and do more customer service.

If necessary I can provide doctor notes and their recommendation that I take breaks from using my arm.

I thoroughly enjoy working at  Computing World and look forward to continuing as part of the team.


Casandra, Tills and Sales Assistant.

Letter of Accommodation for School Sample

To Mr. Harrison,

As you are aware my Son Cody was the victim of a car accident some months back and has gradually adjusted to life in his wheelchair, where he cannot use either leg. We are looking for him to return to school at the next closest opportunity and I’m writing to request clarification of your wheelchair access and procedures for children with disabilities, and for him to be moved to the appropriate classes.

Cody prefers to use a manual wheelchair to keep up his strength and is very capable using ramps and tackling push/pull doors, though obviously he will still need some assistance in getting around.

We were provided with information on your excellent facilities several weeks back and would like to formally begin his re-inclusion.

He is enthusiastic and cannot wait to be back learning and socializing with his friends.

To arrange a meeting with us both please contact me on 322-432-5565.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. James.

Letter of Accommodation for Visitor Visa Sample

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to affirm that I am offering the following Visa applicant residential accommodation in the United States.

Name: Mr. Enzo Losada
Country of Origin: Mexico
Passport Number: MX1234219

Mr. Losada is a family friend and I am prepared to house him in my home for the duration of his visit to the country:

1447 Middle View Nook, Flippen, Texas, 76534-0266.

I hope that the immigration authorities find this arrangement satisfactory and commence granting Mr. Losada a visitor Visa.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Gorane Guerrero.