Letter of Warranty

A letter of warranty is a guarantee that accompanies a product that states the terms of repair or replacement. For example, if you bought a computer, you would receive a letter of warranty stating how long the computer was covered for replacement or repair, which parts were covered, what was excluded, and how to exercise the warranty. Usually, letters of warranty are issued by the manufacturers, but it is becoming more common for third parties to offer warranties on the products they sell.


If you want make a claim under your warranty, you may write a letter called a letter of warranty claim, outlining the fault and detailing the purchase.


Starting to Write


There is no set guidelines for issuing a warranty, it can either be a document or a personal letter to the customer.


It should however clearly list the product name and/or serial number, and the exact terms of the warranty.


Be reasonable. A warranty should usually be offered at no extra cost for at least a year, but do not give such good terms that you’re likely to be out of pocket, such as a free 5 year replacement guarantee.

Sample Letters

Letter of Warranty Sample

To the owner of this product:

Thank you for purchasing an industrial wood chipper from PowerChipper Inc. Below are the terms under which your wood chipper are covered under our manufacturer’s warranty…


1) 3 year all inclusive warranty – covers everything on the chipper, including blade assembly and rolling chassis.


2)  5 year motor warranty – the 3hp motor on your wood chipper is covered for a full 5 years against break down, annual maintenance and complete malfunction.

The above terms are valid if the wood chipper is used as directed. If the wood chipper is modified in any way, all terms of this warranty are void.

PowerChipper Inc.

Letter of Warranty Product Sample

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing the premiere entertainment system that is the Xbox 360. This guarantee provides you with free repairs of your console, including parts, postage and labor, for up to 12 months.


Should you experience a technical problem with your console you can contact one of our specialists on (360) 612-5208 who will advise you on a solution. If this does not fix the problem they will further advise you on how to send the console to one of our centers for repair.


Should we deem your console beyond repair, we will provide you with a free replacement.


This warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, such as scratches, cracks or general wear and tear.



Jerold Johnson

Service Contract Team