Testimonial request email

Gaining a testimonial from a customer or a client is a valid and valuable marketing strategy after a job is completed or a service is delivered. A testimonial request email does is lets the client know that you would like to have a testimonial done about the service you provided.

You might have received a testimonial request yourself in the form of a customer satisfaction letter. They’re very simple, they’re to the point and they will usually ask permission if they can use your name as a testimonial.


Starting to Write


Tell the customer that a testimonial page is being built or that a list of testimonials is being gathered.


Let the customer know that their name is going to be used for the purpose of a testimonial and ask them if that’s ok. If they’re not ok with it, usually they’ll just disregard the letter and throw it away.


Instruct the customer or the client on how to fulfill the testimonial email and what information they need to include. If a testimonial request letter was sent, include a return envelope where they can return the mail to, if the request was done via email, then just simply ask for a response.


Put the necessary forms to sign at the bottom of the paper and all the necessary spaces to fill out for the information requested.

Sample Letters

Testimonial request email - Sample

Dear Marcus,

I would like to thank you for your business as it truly means a lot to me as I get my business off the ground. I would like to ask just one small favor of you; I would like to ask if you could provide a testimonial of my services and give your honest opinion. It would only take a couple of minutes to reply to this e-mail and it would honestly mean the world to me so if you could reply to this e-mail that would be fantastic.

We’ll be using your full name on our testimonials website so let me know if that’s ok or not. If that’s not ok, we can use initials instead and just the city you’re from. You can either print this form out and mail it to my address at 381 Sunset Boulevard, Somer, Oklahome, 49123 or you can simply respond to this e-mail with the information below.

Name: ______

Date: ____

Testimonial/Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________