Letter of Solicitation

A letter of solicitation is a letter that is used to try and persuade you to act in a specific manner. A letter of solicitation is usually sent to either a) sell you something b) request a donation or c) request your presence at a specific event.  In each case, persuasive language is used to demonstrate the benefits of completing the required actions, along with specific instructions on how to act.


Starting to Write


Benefits: clearly state why the reader should do what you are asking them; tell them how it will benefit them.


Action: tell them specifically what you want them to do. If you are selling something, tell them how to buy. If you are requesting a donation, tell them how to send it in.

Sample Letters

Letter of Solicitation for Donations Sample

Donald G. Johnson

694 Poling Farm Road
Randolph, NE 68771


Dear Mr. Johnson,

It is that time of year again! That’s right, it’s already Christmas. As usual, the united way will be running our annual Christmas drive!


All we are asking for is a small donation to help the needy families around this holiday season. Please follow the attached instructions and give whatever extra money you can afford to these needy people.


Your generosity is appreciated!


The United Way

Letter of Solicitation for Sponsorship Sample

Dear Parents,

Class A2 will be taking part in a spelling bee on March 9th, to raise funds for new gym equipment. As you may be aware state budgetary cuts mean we now have to reach out to the community to help fund some areas of the school, and this is the perfect chance to help give students the facilities they deserve.


We are asking each student to gather sponsorship donations from now until the event, where all parents are invited to come and watch the tournament.


Please find enclosed a sponsorship sheet, that allows parents, relatives and friends to pledge money on your student reaching the second round and beyond. You may also make a straight donation regardless of the outcome.


Thank you for your generosity and we hope to see you there!

Letter of Solicitation for Business

Dear Local Business Owner,

Do you need a new storefront sign, advertising banner, or window design? The Sign Guy has just opened for business on Hamilton Close to serve all the local community’s printing needs.


All of our materials are high quality and durable, and come with a 10 year warranty.  If a letter falls off, we’ll replace it no questions asked.


What we offer:


Storefront signs

Outdoor and Interior signs of all sizes

Window graphics

Vehicle graphics

Exhibition stand designs

Banners of all sizes

Contact The Sign Guy today!


(406) 898-9546


Letter of Solicitation for Charity Sample

Dear Citizen,

There are thousands of homeless people surviving on the streets of New York. A fifth of them are children, born in to the worst of situations. Many of the homeless have mental illness that was never diagnosed, they’ve fled from abusive homes or have simply had no family to take them in during their darkest hour.


With winter approaching hundreds will die simply from the cold.


Help The Homeless is asking YOU, those who will be sitting down in front of a nice warm fire this Christmas, surrounded by gifts and family, to donate just $10, for sleeping bags and hot soup.


Our soup vans begin patrolling in November. Flag us down and give what you can, or complete the form below. Your $10 means a bed and 4 hot meals. More importantly it means survival.


Thank you!

Letter of Solicitation for Christmas Party Sample

Seasons’ greetings from Homey Estate Agents,

We are holding our yearly Christmas Party on December 12th, including the much loved charity raffle. The party will be taking place in the Friendly Tavern Bar, and includes a turkey dinner and desert, and local music later on in the night. We hope you and your family can be there!


As one of our trusted clients we would also be privileged to accept you as a sponsor for the event or donator to the raffle. Our organizer Carole will contact you in a few days with further details.