How to write a Letter of Liability

A letter of liability is a letter that releases the recipient of any liability they may have for an activity you are going to participate in. For example, if you were going skydiving, you would have to sign a letter of liability stating that the skydiving company has no liability in regards to your safety and that you understand this is a dangerous activity. It is a way for people to take responsibility for their own actions, and allow select businesses to operate without the fear of legal proceedings if something does go wrong.


Sample Letters

Sample letter of liability

I acknowledge that that activity so Skydiving is inherently dangerous and that I am qualified to take on this risk. I full know what may happen to me if something goes wrong, and I am willing to take on these risks.

If anything does happen to me, I accept full responsibility for my actions, and Rainbow Sky Charters should not be held responsible. I agree not to pursue legal proceedings if something does go wrong.

I hereby discharge Rainbow Sky Charters from any related liability they have to me, David A.Mclemore, in regards to my sky dive on October 5th, 2009.

David A. Mclemore