Request Sample Letters

Letter of Donation Sample

Letter of Donation

A letter of donation can be used by those giving and those requesting donations.
donation request solicit
Letter of Justification Army Sample

Letter of Justification

Any letter written with the aim of explaining the reasons why a request should be granted, can fall under the heading of a letter of...
explanation justification reasons request
Letter of Quotation Request Sample

Letter of Quotation

A letter of quotation is any letter written in reference to the price of a service or product.
product proposal quotation request service
Letter of Denial for Leave of Absence Sample

Letter of Denial

A letter of denial is usually sent to a recipient politely rejecting a request they've previously made.
denial proposal rejection request
Letter of Solicitation for Donations Sample

Letter of Solicitation

A letter of solicitation is a letter that is used to try and persuade you to act in a specific manner.
donation persuasion request sell solicitation
Letter of Transfer to Another Department Sample

Letter of Transfer

A letter of transfer is a notice or request to move from one part of an organization to another, or to move to a completely new organization of...
job move movement request transfer