Letter of Promotion

A letter of promotion is a document that is sent internally within a company promoting one of their employees to a higher position that has more responsibilities. It usually includes a revised salary as well as the new obligations of the new job.


It is important to be very clear as to what the new job position entails; include specific responsibilities. You should also include pertinent salary information and other additional benefits that may be offered.


Other letters may also be sent in reference to a promotion opportunity, such as a recommendation letter outlining why a certain employee should get the promotion, a request directly from an employee asking for the position, or a general letter of interest seeking more information about the job opening.

Sample Letters

Letter of Promotion to Employee Sample

Emily R. Morgan

2189 Sycamore Circle
Dallas, TX 75201


Dear Miss. Morgan,

We are very pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the position of Executive Vice President of Sales at Teldar Paper.


If you accept this new position, you will receive a salary of $104,323 per annum, plus full heath card coverage for yourself and 50% for your spouse.


Your new responsibilities at this job will include managing the sales staff in Zone 9, compiling and analyzing all relevant sales information from your sales associates, and reporting your findings once per month to the board of directors.


Let us know as soon as possible if you accept this new position!


Teldar Paper Management

Letter of Promotion Recommendation Sample

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a colleague of Corey Sherwood for over 5 years during his time as the design assistant in the Marketing Department.


I am always inspired by his positive outlook towards his projects and his unrivaled success in creating professional and effective artwork for the various promotional materials we require. His enthusiasm spreads throughout the office, and he manages to invigorate the day of any employee he comes in contact with. This has allowed him to build a brilliant rapport with clients and other departments and I feel he would be perfect for promotion to senior designer.


Not only does Corey have a natural talent for design, but he has the knowledge of our business and intellect, to meet our specifications and greatly improve on them.


Furthermore moving him up the ladder will make my own job and that of others significantly easier, as there have been instances in the past where I’d have to go through a chain of command, when really I just wanted to hand the project over to Corey, knowing he’d “get it” straight away, without some of the tedious procedures the older designers seem to stick to.


Without reservation I happily recommend Mr. Sherwood for promotion.



Andrew Turner

Project Management

Letter of Promotion Request Sample

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I am writing to ask you to consider me for a promotion. In the 8 years since I’ve been employed by National Trade, my day to day workload has expanded greatly, and I believe this is a result of the effort I put in and the overall quality of my work. Others know they can count on me to get the job done.


Currently I am still positioned as Team Leader, though as my references note I have essentially been carrying out the role of a Line Manager, without the associated perks.


I have always received positive feedback from yourself and the other line managers, and feel that now is the time to grab the brass ring and truly demonstrate my value to the company.


I look forward to hearing from you on this matter soon.



Rufus Clark

Letter of Promotion Interest Sample

Dear Mr. White,

It is with great interest that I’ve learned about the newly available position of road agent. As you are aware I’ve worked with most of the current bands in the studio for multiple albums, and I believe I have the rapport and know how to be a valuable asset to them during their tours.


I am writing to request further information about the position, what it specifically entails, and how I can go about applying.


I understand that the job might not yet be publicly advertised, but when a colleague mentioned it, I was intrigued right away.


I look forward to any information you can provide.



Cedric Lee

Studio Assistant