Letter of Abandonment

A letter of abandonment may be written for several different reasons, including the abandonment of animals and pets, employment, or of a rental property.

An abandonment letter for animals is usually issued by a veterinary practise or pet boarding service to a pet owner who has failed to collect their animal at an agreed date. An employer will issue a letter of abandonment as a warning to an employee who they believe has quit their job without proper notification. And a landlord will issue a similar warning to a tenant who they believe has permanently left a rental property without informing them or paying due rent.

In each case the letter is used as a final notice before official proceedings take place, such as animals being put up for adoption, a job being terminated, or a landlord reclaiming their property.

A letter of abandonment can be issued by landlords to absent tenants stating that their unit is soon going to be classified as abandoned. For example, if a rental unit looks like it has been abandoned, and the landlord has made repeated efforts to contact the tenant with no response, he will issue a letter of abandonment. If that letter does not garner a response, the landlord will begin the abandonment process and work at claiming the piece of property back from the tenant.


Starting to Write


If significant time has passed and you have exhausted all avenues of reaching the individual in question, you should begin your letter of abandonment.


State the most recent information you have on file and detail the attempts you have made to contact them.


Warn that if there is no response within a specific time frame action will be taken.


Post the letter to the last known address of the individual.

Sample Letters

Letter of Abandonment for Rental Property Sample

Richard S. Sims

622 Martha Street
Dilkon, AZ 86515

Dear Mr. Sims,

After repeated attempts to contact you, we have no choice but to declare your rental unit abandoned. We entered the unit on August 5th, 2009, to find that it is completely empty and void of any personal belongings. The rent has not been paid since July 1st 2009.

If you do not respond to this letter within 15 days, I have no choice but to start the abandonment process. After that is completed, it will go on your credit record, and you will forfeit the lease on your rental unit.

I can be contacted at 343-234-6765


Grace  A.  James

Sample Letter of Abandonment for Rental Property

Dear Mr. Richard Dunne,

According to my records rent has not been paid since September 10th, 2013, and despite several attempts to make contact, you have not responded. I have visited the property several times with no answer, and phoned you on the provided number regularly starting September 20th, 2013.

On November 30th, 2013, we entered the property to find most of your personal belongings had been removed, suggesting you have abandoned your tenant agreement.

If you do not reply to this letter in person, in writing or by phone within 10 working days, formal abandonment procedures will commence and your lease will be void. Failure to pay rent may also be noted on your credit record.

I can be contacted on 435-876-8767.


Mark Steiner

Sample Letter of Abandonment for Animals

Dear Mr. Tarpley,

According to our computer system you left your tabby cat “Mitch” with us on February 04, 2012, for leg surgery but failed to pick him on the 7th as agreed. We have phoned repeatedly in the weeks following to remind you to collect your pet, but have received no response.

If you are unable to do so due to illness or a change in circumstances, and cannot arrange for a friend to take care of the situation, we will happily bring him to you, or even see that he is adopted to a loving home.

If you fail to contact us within 7 working days we will have to assume that you have abandoned your cat and will proceed with the adoption process.

Please contact us immediately on 601-555-0189.


M. Bull
Cherry Hill Veterinary Surgery

Letter of Abandonment for Employment Sample

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

You have been missing from work since May 16, 2011, without prior approval. Due to this absence, which has now reached 5 days, we have no other option than take it as a sign that you have abandoned your job.

Your final recognized date of employment was May 15, 2011. You will receive a pay check for work up until this date at the end of the month, as per your usual payment arrangement.

If you feel this is a mistake and there are any extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from informing your supervisor of a valid absence, please contact us immediately on 225-555-0199. We also ask that you provide as much information as possible about your absence – such as a valid doctor’s note.

Failure to respond to this letter within 5 working days will result in your immediate termination.


Employee Relations Department