Letter of Affiliation

A letter of affiliation is a formal letter written to recognize the affiliation between two parties. It is commonly used in the business world to recognize joint ventures and to verify that two parties are working together. Letters of affiliation are also common in the academic world, where universities may work together on specific research projects. Letters of affiliation are usually pretty basic, and briefly lay out the responsibilities of each party.


Starting to Write


Confirm the affiliation and restate the terms of which you will be working together. For example, who is responsible for which area in the business relationship, or which university programs are being shared between institutions in a university affiliation.


Explain why you value the partnership. Perhaps it will increase profits or improve education?


Leave your regards at the end of the letter. Affiliations should be based on trust and respect, and friendliness is part of that package.

Sample Letters

Affiliation Sample Letter

Anthony Sales Associates
707 Maloy Court
Hays, KS 67601

Dear Anthony Sales Associates,

We at Diamond Marketing are pleased that your company has decided to form a strategic affiliation with us to grow our global sales force.

By working together, we will be able to corner the photocopier market and maximize both companies profit while minimizing overhead costs.

As per our previous agreement, Diamond Marketing will be responsible for recruiting and training new sales people, while Anthony Sales Associated will be responsible for setting up sales appointments and closing sales. Both companies will jointly be responsible for order fulfillment and customer service.

We truly hope that the relationship we have formed will be long lasting and prosperous for both parties. We truly believe that this is the beginning of something special.
Kindest Regards,

Diamond Marketing

University Affiliation Letter Example

To The Principal,

As per Section 11 (2) of the 2005 Karachi Ordinance, for University Education, the Vice Chancellor is happy to inform you that the Affiliation Committee has granted provisional affiliation between the University of Karachi and La Trobe University, LA.

Term: 2011-2013

Programme Name: Computer Science and Engineering.

Sanctioned Intake: 30 seats.

Provisional affiliation is being granted subject to the following conditions:

1) AICTE approval, along with all other relegated qualifications.

2) Verification documents.

We look forward to your partnership and value the students partaking in the program.


Kind Regards
Prof. Muhammad Bakri
Affiliation Registrar