Letter of Non Disclosure

A letter of non-disclosure is a letter that is written from one party to another that acts as a contract of sorts. The objective of a letter of non disclosure is to guarantee that the receiving party will not disclose important information to others in regards to a deal they were working on. For example, if someone was trying to buy a business, they may be required to sign a letter of non disclosure before they are able to see financial documents or anything else that may be deemed “confidential”

Sample Letters

Sample letter of non disclosure

Kelly A. Bloodworth

2375 Queens Lane
Lynchburg, VA 24504


Dear Miss. Bloodworth,

Please be informed that before we release our financial information to you, we will require you to sign a letter of non disclosure. Our financial information is vital to the success of our business model, and if that information was to become public, the value of our company would be greatly damaged.

Be signing on the bottom of this document, you agree to:

–          Not share any of our financial information with anyone outside of our current deal

–          Not use this information in a way that may be deemed harmful




Real Sausage Inc.