Letter of Certificate

A letter if certificate is any kind of letter that is used to certify something. For example, a business may issue a letter of certificate to someone to prove that the person in question is employed, or a university may write a letter of certificate certifying your academic credentials. If there is any information that needs to be certified by a third party, a letter of certificate can be used.


Starting to Write


Be specific, using official titles for job positions, qualifications and so forth.


It doesn’t harm to put in a kind word about the person being certified.


Signing the letter is a formal way to assure of its truthfulness.


If necessary attach any supporting documentation.

Sample Letters

Letter of Certificate Sample

Pamela O. Feliciano

3831 Harter Street
Dayton, OH 45407


Dear Ms. Feliciano,

We are writing this letter to certify the qualifications of  Chad  S.  Deloach  in regards to his post secondary education at Clear Water Creek Community College.


During the period of 2004-2008, Chad attended classes at our institution. He studied in the areas of business management, accounting and economics. He completed the required course load in all these areas. He completed his co-op requirement in the summer of 2006, and wrote all the necessary exams.


Throughout all his studies, he achieved a 3.8 GPA, one of the highest in his class. He won the respect of all his teachers and peers through his hard work and dedication to his studies. He has shown himself to be an upstanding citizen, and would be a great asset to your organization.



Krista  R.  Kish

Letter of Certificate of Employment Sample

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to certify that Miss. Eleanor Crumhorn is employed at J.O.B Logistics, currently working on the Fulsome Fashion Warehouse project.


At this time she is our Lead Coordinator and is responsible for developing the day to day system that will soon be implemented for their online shipping requirements.


I have issued this certification by request of Miss. Crumhorn, and it may be used for whatever purpose she sees fit.




Mr. D. Crowe

Human Resources

Letter of Certificate for Work Experience Sample

To whomever it may concern,

I am writing to certify that Mr. Samuel Kitchen completed a 6 week term of work experience at Mr. Chips Computing, as a Shop Floor Sales Assistant, from 04/01/2012 to 06/12/2012.


During his time here we found him to be satisfactory in terms of communication skills, but he showed particular knowledge in personal computing, which we feel over time would help him to develop in to a model employee.


We wish him all the best in his future career choices.



Mr. Holloway

Manager of Mr Chips

Letter of Certificate for Internship Sample

Thomas Harrison has completed a successful internship at The Daily Bugle, for the month of June 2011.



Thomas wrote his first sports feature after attending a local Red Rams game which we featured on our newspaper’s website. He professionally covered obituaries for our first run weekly newspaper for 2 weeks. And he accompanied one of our seasoned reporters to the scene of a tragic car accident, showing a great aptitude for the art of journalism.


Other Comments:

We feel Tom will make an exceptional journalist upon graduation, as he shows promise in multiple areas of the field.


Jay Snowfield

Senior Editor