Letter of Assistance

A letter of assistance is a letter that is used for requesting assistance. These letters are usually written to experts in specific fields who have vast amounts of knowledge on certain subjects. For example, if you were planting a tomato garden, but were having issues planning the layout of your garden plot, you may consider sending a letter of assistance to a horticulturalist at a local university requesting guidance or additional information.


Starting to Write


Double check that the person you are contacting is truly the right person to give you advice.


Use Google to check whether they haven’t already answered the question in a blog or book.


Be tactful and respectful. Experts are almost always busy and will be taking time out of there day specifically to help you.


Be specific in your question, else a lot of time may be taken up writing back and forth for clarification.


Mention how appreciative you are of their assistance and that you value their expertise.

Sample Letters

Letter of Assistance Sample

Dr. Dexter A. Henson
2508 Walnut Hill Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Dear Dr. Henson

My name is Mary. I am in the process of planting a heirloom tomato garden in my backyard, but am having some issues with deciding where to plant them. I heard that you are a specialist in this area, so I thought you may be able to lend some assistance.

How far apart should heirloom tomatoes be planted?

Thanks in advance for any information you may provide.

Always thankful,
Mary Oliviera

Assistance Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Austin,

I am writing a school paper on  college football from the early 1900s, but I’m finding it particularly difficult to find starting lineup information from this time period – especially between 1900 and 1920.

I am a fan of your columns in Football Fanatic Magazine and as a renowned football historian I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, if you are not too busy.

Richard Watson