Requesting action sample letter

A requesting action sample letter is one of the most straightforward letters you can possible write. Usually you won’t have to spend any time persuading an individual to take action or share information as they’re very to the point and short. Quickly name off the objective and state what you hope to accomplish.


Starting to Write


If you see something that you’d like to take action on or would like to do in your local news or paper, tell the recipient right away.


Request information such as times, costs, the where and the when. Also make sure to bring up any qualifications they may have.


List your contact information to get a hold of you by and thank the reader for their time.

Sample Letters

Requesting action sample letter

Dear Roger,

I noticed in the paper you had an advertisement up saying that you were selling cheap guitar lessons and that you were a certified instructor. I was highly interested in the ad and I was wondering if I could get some more details and wanted to know when I could begin if it was something I chose to pursue. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar but never got around to it.

My questions are:

  • How much does the class cost and what are payment options?
  • Where will the class be taking place?
  • When and what times will the class be taking place as I need to see if this conflicts with my schedule or not.

Please call me at 387-102-3498 to confirm details of this class.


Michael Rottenwood