Request to create a new position

When you feel that a new position is necessary within the company, usually you need approval by a higher up authority unless of course the person requesting the position is the CEO, but that’s usually not the case. A letter request to create a new position in the work place needs to be done with care because the boss is going to want to know why, who and what the purpose of this position will be filling.


Starting to Write


Explain right away that you need a new position and name the position that you need.


What is the exact purpose of this position and what would it help solve? It must help solve a problem in the work place and can’t be created just because someone is bored. Also, list the job duties and responsibilities here.


You need supporting evidence to support your cause and to show that this position is absolutely necessary.


Optional – If you know someone within the company that’s more than capable of handling the job duties associated, then feel free to let your boss know.

Sample Letters

Sample Request to create a new position

Dear Martin,

While in our meeting last week, I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to increase our global reach on the internet since we’re falling far behind on the search engines. My solution to that is to hire an in-house content writer and SEO specialist. This person will go under the title SEO specialist and will effectively help raise our ranks and get a more global outreach.

I have spoken to our in-house web designer and web development team and they agree that it’s absolutely necessary or else all of this money towards the website will be going to waste. We’re sitting on an untapped fountain of money here with all these clients but since we’re so far behind in the search engine rankings, no one is seeing us.

The potential position will serve as a content writer who will write SEO appropriate articles that will be distributed across the right spots on the web that effectively help boost our ranks and bring in more people. I’m proposing that new position have a salary starting out at $50,000 and that the position (whoever fills it) should be proficient in Copywriting and have experience being a content writer for at least 5 years. Someone who is constantly theory crafting on the latest SEO techniques and how the Search Engines are constantly evolving.

While I do not know anyone from the office that might be qualified enough for this job, I believe that if you give me just two weeks to conduct interviews, I could find someone more than qualified for this job to begin working and boosting our ranks. Let me know what you think.


Reginald Oswald