Request of credit report

It’s usually free and easy to get a credit report requested, despite how many scam websites you see out there asking you for money to get a credit report. However, some companies will require that you send a request of credit report letter or some form of verification. The individuals who own the credit aren’t the only people who request credit reports, sometimes companies seeking employees will request credit reports as well for financial sensitive positions.


Starting to Write


Ask for a credit report of the individual in question (whether it’s someone having a background check done on them or yourself) to be sent to a certain address.


Fill in the person’s personal details that would be needed to verify the individual.


Let the company know what the credit report is for and what it will be used to verify.

Sample Letters

Sample request of credit report

Dear Customer Service,

Greetings, I’d like to humbly ask for a credit report done on an individual named James Lockston of Irvine, California. I’m currently going through potential applicants and am thinking about hiring this individual for an accounting position at my law firm but I’d like to have a full credit report handy on him before making my decision.

Name: James Lockston

Address: 362 Rise Street, Irvine, California, 91283

Previous Addresses: 1983 Truffle Lane, Kansas City, Missouri, 10293

Phone: 339-201-1113

Credit Cards: Has never owned a credit card.

Please get back to me ASAP if you can’t in fact complete a credit report and I need to go elsewhere. Call me and let me know the cost of the report and I will gladly forward that over as well. My number is 102-301-2918; just ask for Mark in the office.


Mark Huffington

Attorney at Law