Request Granted Letter

One of the easiest tasks is to grant a request and to write a letter for it. It’s always a great day for someone when they receive a letter that says their request was granted.

The format should be either handwritten or typed on a personal letter head. It’s often more than not typed out rather than hand written.


Starting to Write


Don’t beat around the bush or keep them guessing, congratulate them and grant their request.


After your grant the request, tell the requester what is going to be done about their request.


Be sure to include why the request is being granted.


If you have any advice for the requester or any instructions, then you want to include those as well.


Wish the reader well in their endeavors.

Sample Letters

Request Granted Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Leis:

I have taken your request into consideration and am happy to report that I will grant your request. We will dedicate a statue to your Grandfather’s memory for his service in World War.

I was touched by some of the stories you shared with me and some of the things that been said about the man, who was known as a real life war action hero. It’s my pleasure to dedicate a portion of the land in the form of a monument in his name so that he may live in forever.

If you have any questions or any concerns, feel free to let me know or give me a call.


Aaron Aros,


If there are some issues you do and don’t agree with in the request, specify which sections you’re granted and which one’s you’re denying.
Ask for something in return if you see opportunity for it.