Request for interview letter

Sending out a request for interview letter is a clever tactic used to get ahead of other potential applicants by applying to jobs that they don’t even know are open. How do you find these jobs and how do you know which companies are going to be conducting interviews for the position? Essentially you don’t, but the only way you can score an interview is by sending out a letter.

A lot of companies prefer to hire from within and promote from within their own internal company but when someone exceptional comes along that wasn’t in the system, they consider them for an interview. You have to send a request but make sure that it doesn’t seem like a solicited request to raise your chances of being hired or even called in for an interview.


Starting to Write


Introduce yourself and show the company that you have some background knowledge on how the company operates.


Highlight your experience pertaining to the company and positions that they might have available.


Express interest in scoring an interview.


Talk about how your particular skills will be beneficial to the company.

Sample Letters

Sample request for interview letter

Dear Mr. Roses,

I’d like to personally congratulate you on acquiring the Bridgewood Company. This is definitely a giant step forward towards producing some of the best computer games on the planet loved by millions. I’m writing to you because I’m currently in college and getting ready to graduate soon, but I’m currently one of the top students in my class for game design and level development in a RPG/MMORPG setting. I am always looking for a new challenge and according to your website; you’re always seeking qualified applicants for a challenging game design atmosphere.

If you happen to have any game design or level design positions available or in the immediate future that might be coming up, I would love to sit down with you and discuss my qualifications. As you can see from my resume, my experience and samples from game design are some of the best in my class. I believe I can be a valuable asset in your journey to become one of the most well-known video game producers in the nation.

I’d love the time to have a sit down interview with you. My number is 318-102-9302.


Logan Dunn