Request for information

Important information is better requested in the form of a letter, rather than on the phone. When you request information over the phone, it’s easy to forget something and you have nothing in verified writing unless you record the phone call. It’s best to write up a request for information letter to find out all the exact details you need on a specific event or product, which are two of the most common items to request information on.


Starting to Write


List the exact name of the product or event you want information on.


Provide a list of details you would like information on or questions you want answers to (usually in a bullet point list).


To provide a sense of urgency, let the recipient know that the letter is going out to several companies before you make adecision.

Sample Letters

Sample request for information

Dear Customer Service:

I am currently in the process of seeking to purchase mass printers for my new office opened up downtown and I was hoping that you could clarify some features for me.

  • Are there any discounts for bulk orders available and are there discounts?
  • Do the printers on your website come with full color print and scan functionality?
  • Is the software to scan and print included with the printer or do you have to purchase it separately?

If you could please get back to me with these questions answered, that would be fantastic.


Michael Epps

Number: 492-219-1902


Dear Representative,

I’d like some information on the cable service before I order it. I’ve heard some pretty horrible horror stories about what cable companies to do to customers and would like some clarification before I make any purchasing decisions.

First, will my monthly fee keep going up every single month as some users report? I only want the internet service, but some people say their price keeps going up.

Also, is the speed as advertised on the internet packages page? I’m looking at the Deluxe Package, but will I actually get the speed advertised and is it guaranteed?


Roger Likens


Dear Reverend George,

I was looking into the church’s annual blood drive that they usually host at the community center in the middle of town and I would like to do a news piece on it. I’ve recently became the head editor and chief of the local news here and I would like to know more information about your cause.

  • How many participants do you expect to turn out?
  • What will the blood be used for and where is it being donated?
  • What else can members of the community do to help the cause?

If you could get back to me with any more information I should know about the drive, I will report that as well. You can call me at 123-302-2918.


Editor Chris

Dear Christopher,

I was browsing your website which I found from another website giving advice on how to make money from the internet.

  1. How is your website different than all the other make money online websites out there today?
  2. Can you guarantee your customers will make any money?
  3. What exactly is this product?
  4. Is there any kind of money back guarantee?

What exactly does this product entail? I’m interested but it leaves too much to the imagination and doesn’t exactly tell us what we’ll be doing once we purchase the product. I’d love to hear more about it.


Lilly Ralph