Request information about a product or service

When you request information about a product or service, it’s simply the process of making sure that a product or a service is as described before a purchase is made. It’s more of a preventive measure than anything else.


Starting to Write


Ask for information on a particular product or service.


Give any reasoning as to why that product or service will be used or needed.


If you have a list of requirements for features or things that you would like to see included in the product or service, then list them.

Sample Letters

Request information about a product or service - Sample

Dear Easy Banking Inc,

I’m looking for more information on your checking account programs as I would like to open up a new checking account at your bank. If you could please send me any relevant information to opening up a checking account there, that would be fantastic.

Here’s basically what I’m looking for in a nutshell:

  • I need 24/7 access to ATMs due to the nature of my job, and I would highly prefer a bank that doesn’t charge me every single time I use the ATM.
  • I would like overdraft protection on my account in case I accidentally overdraft, so that the fees don’t get tremendously high, should I ever overdraft.
  • 24/7 Customer Support needs to be a must. If you have strict hours for customer support, what am I supposed to do should my card be stolen at the late hours of the night?

Please send any relevant information to me as I’m ready to open up an account.

Name: Jim Henders

Address: 22 Sunset Boulevard, Somewhere, Ohio, 32811

Phone: 394-402-1827


Jim Henders