Request for a pay raise

Quite frankly, this isn’t an easy letter to write and it’s definitely not an easy thing to request, because everyone feels that they’re entitled to a pay raise. However, your boss might not see it as the same way and they’ll see you as being ego-driven and you might get fired. This is why it’s not advised to write a request for a pay raise letter if you don’t know for certain that you’re a valuable asset to the company.

Make well and sure that before you ask for a raise, you know the company has the resources to raise your pay and that you are qualified to ask for one.


Starting to Write


First, you need to start off by identifying just who you are and what your position in the company is.


Ask right away for the raise and state how much exactly is being requested. No matter what the amount is, come right out and say it.


If you have any evidence to back your claim that you deserve a raise, state it now.

Sample Letters

Sample request for a pay raise

Dear Mr. Rittenham,

My name is Jason Cole and I’ve been working for your company for 5 years now as a press operator in your factory. While there are no management positions open, I am currently making $12.25 an hour. I would like to humbly ask for a raise to $13.50 an hour because it would more than help make up for my increased rent that just went up this month.

I assure you that I’m not only one of best press operators and longest lasting press operators here, but I’m one of the most efficient employees this company has ever seen. My work performance is 40% over the second best press operator in this warehouse and while he’s a great employee, my work efficiency speaks for itself. I receive nothing but positive reviews when my work habits are brought into the question for the 6 month reviews.

You can ask any of the management who supervise me about my work habits and congregate with them on whether or not I deserve the raise.