Letter to request court records

Sending out a letter to request court records serves a couple of different purposes. First, the letter could be used to check on financial history of a home before purchasing it, ownership history of a property or criminal record history of a potential employee. While a lot records are on the internet today, there are still some records only available by going into the courthouse and paying a small fee, which is where a letter of court records requests comes in handy.


Starting to Write


Clarify the need for records and state a case number if you have them. Whether it’s a criminal case or a property case, there should be some kind of case number or form number to request.


Make sure that you enclose the proper funding in order to process the paperwork necessary and to send it out. They won’t always be able to send out paperwork and sometimes you might have to go pick it up.


State the reasoning behind requesting court records in case they question you.


Leave your contact info behind in case they have any questions for you.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to request court records

Dear Clerk of Courts,

I would like to request criminal records on an individual named Jason Roughly who is 25 years old and lives on West Light Street here in town. I am going to be hiring him for my small shop here in town named Roger’s Bakery but I would like to know if he has a criminal background or not. He has assured me that he does not in fact have any criminal records but I thought it would be safe just to check.

I don’t care about traffic suites against the city but I’m more interested to know in civil suites and criminal suites if there are any. I have enclosed a $5.00 fee as your website says there’s a $5 processing fee and I was hoping that could be mailed to my mailing address. If not, I can come in and pick it up as well, just please call me and let me know.

My Name: Roger Lightson

Address: 32 Main Street

Phone: 348-390-1937