Request conference with teacher

No one likes having a conference with a teacher but sometimes a request conference with teacher letter may be needed to help sort out a child’s grade or behavior. The point of the letter isn’t to place blame but to find out what’s going on and how to address a particularly issue. Whether a grade is slipping or the behavior at home is becoming questionable, don’t hesitate to a request a conference.


Starting to Write


Identify the name of your child right away so the teacher knows who the letter is in regards to.


State the issue or the problem with the class. If it’s a bad grade that the sender is concerned about, they should specify that right away. If it’s about a child’s behavior outside of school or for any other reason, specify it.


What would you like done to remedy the situation or fix the problem?

Sample Letters

Sample request for conference with teacher

Dear Mrs. Halterson:

I’m writing in regards to my 14 year old child Jason in your English class. English has always been one of his weakest subjects and something he really strives hard to do well, but I’ve noticed that this year has been an exceptionally bad year grade wise. I can’t help but notice that while I feel his skills are improving, his grades are actually getting worse with each midterm.

I’d like to make an appointment and discuss the cause of this or figure out what’s going on, so we can work together here and help him pass English. I called the principal and was told that you would be doing an open house for parent and teacher conferences on Wednesday the 8th at 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. I could come then or if not, I’d love to schedule a sit down so we can discuss this.

My number is 331-2019 if you could please give me a call so we can set something up. Thank you for the attention to this matter, and I await your phone call.


Ashley Roberts