Letter to request change of teacher

When writing a letter to request change of teacher, there needs to be solid reasoning behind the move. A principal or super intendant won’t take a letter of class change request seriously if there’s no real motive behind the letter other than a parent not Seeing Eye to eye with a teacher. You need to provide supporting evidence along with that the educational value of the student is being diminished because of the teacher in question.


Starting to Write


State the teacher’s name and the class in question.

  1. State why you feel that the student should be moved to a different class.
  1. What impact is the current teacher having on the student’s educational value and what impact will moving the student to a different class have?
Sample Letters

Sample letter to request change of teacher

Dear Mr. Rosh,

With our recent discussions and parent-teacher conferences in mind, I would respectfully like to request that my son Matthew be moved to a new English class with a new teacher. Not only do I feel that the educational value of my son is being undermined but no offense, I feel that you are not qualified to teach 5th grade English class.

For this reason, I am humbly asking that you move him to a new English class with a new teacher so he can actually learn English. On one day, you had the students browsing the internet on school computers and eating Ice Cream rather than working on assignments. On another day, they were watching Action movies which I doubt the principal approved.

I’m coming to you before I go to the principal and the superintendent with this matter. I would like to keep it just between us and if the School Counselor needs to be told in order to change classes, then that’s fine as well. Please take this letter to mind and call me if you have any questions or concerns over the intentions of this letter. I would like to see my son do well and I feel that his English skills has actually dropped since two grades ago when he was actually receiving assignments to do at home.

You can contact me at 938-291-1122


Allen Rogers