Reactivation request letter

A reactivation request letter can either be a great annoyance to the customer or it can be a simple reminder to someone who has forgotten to reactivate a service or subscription. Sometimes, people just forget to reactivate something because they’re so busy on a day to day basis. It’s not that they had no intentions to stop using the product or the service, some people just forget to re-subscribe to a service.

No matter what the service or what the general purpose of the contract is, a reactivation request letter is only sent out when someone has allowed their service to go to cancelled. Unlike an electricity bill for example, some people might not know when a service has stopped or been cancelled. For this reason, you need to send out a letter signifying that they need to pay the monthly fee to continue their contract.


Starting to Write


Alert the customer that their service or product has been discontinued or shut off because they haven’t paid their bill.


If they simply forgot, then a simple reminder will allow them to turn on their service again so remind them that if they pay the bill, you can start their service up again.


Ask the customer why the service has been stopped or why they decided not to pay for the service anymore.


Thank the customer for their business and wish them well.

Sample Letters

Sample reactivation request letter

Dear Peggy,

Attention, your internet has been shut off due to a lack of payment for the past two months. Your internet bill went unpaid in the months of June and July and we’re concerned that you no longer want our services. If you simply forgot to pay the bill, then all you have to do is log online or respond to this letter with the enclosed amount that you owe. We’ll only charge you for one month, even though you owe us for two, so this isn’t a deal we give many people.

We would love to hear why the service has been stopped and why you’re no longer paying for our services. If it’s something our customer has done, please let us know so we can review the case carefully. If it’s something wrong with the service, let us know so we can review that as well. We’d like to thank you for being a loyal customer for three years and we wish you well.


MNW Internet