Presentation request letter

When a company or individual is interested in buying a service from another company or individual, they may request to have a presentation done. This serves a couple of different benefits but the main benefit is to show the company that the service is worth their time and the cost. A presentation request letter will be sent out and then the presenter has to choose whether or not to respond.

When giving a presentation, it’s best to highlight the key features that will benefit the person being presented the product rather than yourself. Obviously everyone knows the presenter will make money but during a presentation request, you need to focus on the person who will be buying the actual product.


Starting to Write


Ask the individual to present a presentation of their service or product to you or your board. Usually a presentation at a corporate level is done in front of a board or committee.


Ask the presenter when they would be available for a presentation.


Ask about the price and the key benefits of the service so you have the information handy and can bring it up again during the presentation.

Sample Letters

Sample presentation request letter

Dear Allen with Smart Systems Inc,

I would like to have you come into our board meeting room and present a presentation of your spreadsheet software. I would like to know when the soonest available date you have is for a presentation and if you would be willing to come in sometime in early August? Also, could you kindly outline the key benefits and the price of the service so that I may reference it while you’re giving your presentation as well? Thank you again and I look forward to getting your response.