Mentor request letter

Sometimes, people just need to be mentored through difficult classes or decisions and requesting a mentor can be just the way to do that. When you send a mentor request letter to a co-worker, a colleague or someone that you know, you want to make sure it’s straight to the point and it serves a good purpose.


Starting to Write


Introduce yourself if they don’t already know you and tell the person (without creeping them out) that you have been following them for a long time now. Admire their work as well for good measure.


Offer something useful and beneficial to the potential mentor in return for their time.


Request a response or ask them to contact you with contact details.

Sample Letters

Sample mentor request letter

Dear Mr. Eerson,

I’m writing to you because you’re one of the best internet salesmen there is and your unprecedented reputation speaks for itself. You’ve made more money online than most people can hope to make in a life time working at a regular 9-5 job. Not that there’s anything wrong with working a regular job of course but I’m writing this letter to hopefully break out of the chain like you did.

I am looking to break free out of the 9-5 slave world and break into internet marketing but I need some help. I need some guidance and not some marketer who wants to push some cheap product on me like most people do. I’m asking for your help and your mentorship and in return, I will help sort through some of your work and do some of your work like a personal assistant. Does that sound good?