Favor request letter

Requesting a favor can be difficult because no one likes receiving any kind of soliciting letter but a favor request letter might actually benefit you. Sometimes, people are feeling generous and like to grant other people favors out of the kindness of their hearts. Don’t ever assume that someone will automatically help you out just because you sent them a letter, it needs to be enticing and there needs to be a good reason behind the favor as well.


Starting to Write


Get the obvious out of the way and state that this is a request for a favor.


Why exactly do you need this favor and what are the exact details of what’s being asked? Also, are there any circumstances resulting in the favor or what it will help?


Why exactly are you asking that particular person for a favor? Explain to the recipient that they’re the best person to ask and state the reason.


The recipient will more than likely not know what you want, so tell them exactly what you need.


Offer something in return if you can.

Sample Letters

Favor request letter Sample

Dear Robert,

I would like to request a small favor on your behalf for me that would be a huge help. I’m going to be starting a content delivery service soon, where I write content for people on the internet. The website will be in my own name and basically what I need is someone to testify about my services. I only have a couple of testimonials on my website right now and I was wondering if you could write up a 200 word testimonial praising my services.

As you recall, I wrote your research paper for you in college out of the kindness of my heart and being bored on a Saturday night and you received an A+ for the research paper. You don’t have to be specific, but if you could praise my service that I’m offering and tell perspective clients that I’m the best person for the job, then that would be fantastic.

In addition, I’m more than willing to help you on any future writing projects that you may have or need.