Birth certificate request letter

Sometimes when applying for certain programs, federal aid programs or just for safe keeping, you might need to send a letter to the hospital for a birth certificate. A birth certificate request letter is simply the process of asking for a birth certificate in case you lose the original one.


Starting to Write


State the name of the child that needs a birth certificate.


State which day and what exact time the child was born at the hospital to make it easier to find the certificate.


Cover the reason that you need a birth certificate for and what happened to the old one.

Sample Letters

Sample Birth certificate request letter

Dear record keeper,

My child (Louis Anne Marenholdt) was born at approximately 3:21 AM on June 4, 2013. She was born at your hospital, the Regional Birth Center in Springfield, Illinois.

I have recently tried applying for insurance and adding my child onto the plan but I however am unable to locate my birth certificate for Louis. I’m afraid I have lost the certificate and would like to request that a new one be sent to my address at 2195 Wallfield Drive, Walling, Illinois.

If you have any questions or would like to ask me any questions about the matter, I can be reached almost any weekday (during normal working hours) at 211-1245.


Alaina Marenholdt