Letter to bank asking to close account

Sending a letter to bank asking to close account can be frustrating as it’s not going to be a one minute process. Often at times, people don’t send in enough information with their letter so a phone call or an actual visit is required to close the bank account. When writing a letter asking the bank to close an account, it’s important to include all the relevant information that’ll assist the bank in closing the account.


Starting to Write


Address the bank with your name and which accounts you would like to close. If you have multiple accounts and only want to close one, be sure to specify that.


If applicable, state why the account is being closed for whatever reason. You don’t have to state this; it’s just nice for the bank to know to help improve on their service in the future.


If you have any questions, or want the bank to contact you for further questions, leave contact information.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to bank asking to close account

Dear Bank Manager/Customer Service,

While I have been a member of the bank for only two months, I would have to ask the bank to close my account. I currently own one checking account with the bank and no longer wish to utilize the bank’s services. I will be in town in a week to withdraw the remaining money from my checking account and completely close it out, as I will be moving to a new bank.

I’ve had too many bank errors and declined transactions from my debit card despite having sufficient funds to fund the transaction. While I do like your customer service, I’m afraid I can no longer utilize the service as I have found better.

Contact me if you have any questions:

387-1221 (Marcus Langley)



I have enclosed a blank check with my account and routing number.

Dear Martin,

I would like to address an issue I’ve been having with your banking service recently and that is ATM fees. While I do understand that ATM fees must exist, for some reason they have doubled over the past couple of months and I don’t necessarily understand why. For this reason, I have been shopping around for other banks to use and I would like to close my current account with this bank.

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service but I feel that it’s time to move on after 5 years of banking with you guys. I currently own a checking account with $9,039.20 in it and I would like to request that all those funds be withdrawn and written in my name in check form so that I may open up a new account elsewhere. Thank you for your swift cooperation. You may contact me at 839-2371 for further questions.


Martha Richmond