Update Letter

An update letter can be seen kind of like an online social networking message. The purpose is to update the reader on your whereabouts or what you have been up to since the last form of communication.

The format will be either personal or business and can even be done on a handwritten piece of paper. This is a pretty loose knit letter and there are not many requirements with it.


Starting to Write


First, greet the reader and address the person by name.


Put the reader’s mind at ease and let them know that there’s no real purpose behind the letter other than keeping in touch.


Update the reader on your personal whereabouts or what’s been going on.


Suggest that the reader write back or get together for some coffee sometime to catch up.

Sample Letters

Update Letter Sample

Dear Anthony,

I’m recovering fairly quickly and getting back on my feet. I’m actually starting to go back to the gym and I’m actually getting back into my active lifestyle like I used to. Who knows, maybe in the near future I’ll be back out running marathons again (even though that’s a little ways off).

I still do my part-time teaching gig at the University and I partake in some outside of school activities such as home-improvement gigs for myself and others around the community. The weather’s pretty bad around here but that’s to be expected out of Ohio. It’s cold as usual and once it starts getting cold it only moves onto more cold and freezing temperatures.

The winter seasons aren’t usually too bad in terms of snowfall but they say this year is supposed to be a really bad one. Well, I hope to hear back from you and get an update.



Put any points or highlights you want to include in chronological order. Also, you can arrange points of history in order of importance as well.
If there are any friends or relatives that the both of you were close with, include news on them as well.