Thank you letter to a doctor

Doctors are hard workers and while sometimes, bad doctors may give the profession a bad name, when you encounter a fantastic one, it’s wise to send a thank you letter to a doctor who provided you great service. Whether it was a doctor you hope to only see once in the Emergency Room or whether it’s a primary care physician, it’s not uncommon to send these types of letters but you should always thank a great doctor for their service. Let’s face it, competent and great doctors are hard to come by.


Starting to Write


Let the doctor know they’re being praised for their service.


Let the doctor know exactly why they’re being praised for their service, including dates and specific operations or treatments if you can remember.


Make the doctor feel special and let them know that there should be more professional health care servicemen like them.


Wish the doctor well and hope you don’t have to see them for a long time but you feel safe in good hands if you do.

Sample Letters

Thank you letter to a doctor - Sample

Dear Dr. Williams,

I’d like to take this time to thank you for your kind service and your commitment to excellence. You have no idea just how many doctors I have been through to try to understand my unique situation and I’ve been told I’m crazy be quite a few different doctors.

I was even told by my last doctor to simply get over it, but no one seems to understand that my anxiety isn’t something that I can just get over. You did several tests and EKGs to show me that I’m fine and that the symptoms I was feeling were all in my head.

It’s been two months since I started using you as my primary care provider and I’ve been noticing less symptoms and I’ve been in a happier mood as a result, so I can’t being to thank you enough. Thank you again for all that you have done for me.


Teresa Marshall