Thank you letter for payment

Thanking a customer for a payment is a great step and courteous thing to do because if it’s a bill they’re behind on, you should consider yourself lucky. Most customers never pay their late bills and have no intention of ever taking care of them, so you should definitely feel lucky there. Stress that a thank you is in order; no matter how late the payment is, because it’s better late than never.


Starting to Write


Thank the customer for the prompt payment.


Acknowledge that the customer’s business means a lot to you and that they’re highly valued customers.


If they still have any overdue credit, then remind of them of how much.


Also, since they paid this bill, remind them of when the next payment is due or when they can send the next one.

Sample Letters

Thank you letter for payment - Sample

Dear Mr. Ross,

Thank you for the prompt payment of $900. We appreciate your business and are dedicated to excellence. Your next payment will be due on August 15 and will cost approximately only $500 minimum. Remember, you only have to send $500 minimum but more than that reduces the overall cost. Your total right now is $2,550. If you have a problem or question, feel free to call us at 1-888-202-1029.